Emotions We All Go Through Once In Life.

Which is the first emotion that you thought of?

There are 8 main emotions we all have gone through in our life. They are:

  1. acceptance
  2. anger
  3. disgust
  4. expectation
  5. fear
  6. joy
  7. sadness
  8. surprise

We all have our ways of managing and working with our emotions. When we are overjoyed, we express it or manage the excitement, and if we are sad or angry we try to work on it.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to communicate your feelings in a better way.  The way you express or communicate your feelings may be a good feeling or a bad feeling, but the way you express it makes a big difference.

An emotionally intelligent person tends to have a greater awareness of their own emotions and the emotions of others.

Tarot Cards and Emotions

In a deck of playing cards, the “Heart” cards are similar to the ” Suit of Cups” cards in the deck of ” Tarot Cards”.

The Suit of Cups in the “Tarot deck” is related to the emotional level of consciousness. The ” Suit of Cups” is associated with connections, feelings, love and relationships.

The “Element of Water” and the “Suit of Cups” go hand in hand.

Water is agile, fluid and flows but is very powerful. It can be powerful and forceful like a raging river or water can be gentle and soft like waves lapping against the sandy shore.

“Element of Water” is associated with emotions, feelings, fluidity, intuition, relationships, healing and cleansing.

Water has a feminine nature and so reflects the subtle power that often resides within women –  adaptable, purifying, flowing and receptive.

Notice in all the “14 Cup Cards” / “Suit of Cups” shown below, you will see “Water Element” in the cards.

Suit of Cups / 14 Cup Cards in the “Tarot Deck”.

“Suit of Cups”   in the “Tarot Deck” represents that you think with your heart rather than your mind. It also reflects your spontaneous responses and your reactions to life situations.

The Cup cards represent your creativity, fantasy, imagination and romanticism.

Suit of Cups also shows the negative aspects like being overly emotional or completely disengaged and being dispassionate about everything. Unrealistic expectations and fantasising about what could be can make a person nervous. A person may have repressed emotions and hence is unable to truly express his/her feelings, which may be the reason for lack of creativity.

Cup cards in a Tarot reading are often associated with the zodiac signs – Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio.

People belonging to these zodiac signs and the ” Cup Cards” show that they are artistic, emotional, humane and creative. These people are connected with their emotions and so will draw energy from what they feel within. It’s all about emotions and feelings!!!

Ace of Cups

Emotions associated with Ace of Cups are:

Two of Cups

Emotions associated with Two of Cups are:

Three of Cups

Emotions associated with Three of Cups are:

Four of Cups

Emotions associated with Three of Cups are:

Five of Cups

Emotions associated with Five of Cups are:

Six of Cups

Emotions associated with Six of Cups are:

Seven of Cups

Emotions associated with Seven of Cups are:

Eight of Cups

Emotions associated with Eight of Cups are:

Nine of Cups

Emotions associated with Eight of Cups are:

Ten of Cups

Emotions associated with Ten of Cups are:

“Ace of Cups” to “Ten of Cups” are the 10 steps to achieve

“Emotional Fulfilment” or ” Emotional Intelligence”.

Like in the playing cards, after ten number cards came Jack, Queen and King, similarly in the ” Tarot cards” after ” ten number cards” comes Page, Knight, Queen and King.

The Page, Knight, Queen and King are also known as “Court Cards”. These cards help us know the overall “Personality” of a person.

Page of Cups

Emotions associated with Page of Cups are:

Knight of Cups

Emotions associated with Knight of Cups are:

Queen of Cups

Emotions associated with Queen of Cups are:

King of Cups

Emotions associated with King of Cups are:

These 4 Court cards show us the personality or thought process to adopt to overcome emotional challenges.

Ace to King Analysis

Looking at all the above cards we come to know that –

Emotions get complicated based on our thinking processes.

Sometimes, emotions may confuse you to the point where you feel like ignoring them.

You feel that ignoring emotions is the best way to deal with emotions, but, you are just intensifying them.

These emotions when addressed properly will feel less distressing.

At first, you may find it difficult to come in contact you’re your real emotions and feelings,

But, exploring your emotions and talking through your feelings will make you feel LIBERATED.

The “Tarot Card Reading” session can help you identify your true emotions and feelings.

I am a “Certified Tarot Card Reader”.

After practising ” 7 Chakra Meditation”, I learnt about the different ” Universal Energies”.These energies can help us lead a joyful and successful life.

These “Universal Energies” are the” Tarot Card Reading” guiding forces. With the guidance provided in the ” Tarot Card Reading”, a person can get an insight into the different aspects of life.


Tarot Card Reading is a part of a “Cartomancy”.

A ” Tarot Reader” uses their charged “Tarot Cards” purportedly to gain insight into the past, present or future.

They formulate the questions asked and draw the tarot cards and interpret them to give meaning.

” Tarot Reading” can also help you connect with your “inner self”

and find your “emotional intelligence”.

This will make you the

“King of your Emotions”.


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