Tarot Cards : Seven of Cups Meaning

Seven of Cups

Emotions associated with Seven of Cups are:

Choices, being overwhelmed by choices, searching for purpose, illusion, fantasy, daydreaming, wishful thinking, indecision and personal values.

In the “Seven of Cups” card, a man in black is standing in front of seven cups filled with different kinds of things.

Some cups contain desirable gifts like jewels and a wreath of victory, while other cups contain curses such as the snake or dragon.

The man’s dreams and wishes are represented by the clouds. The seven cups suggest that the man needs to be careful about what he wishes for as not everything is as it seems.

Life is full of choices, but we must go beyond illusion and allure and focus on what’s right for us, and then select the choices. The right choice will be like a gift and bring joy and the wrong choice will be like a curse and bring sadness.

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