Tarot Cards : Five of Cups Meaning

Five of Cups

Emotions associated with Five of Cups are:

Regret, failure, disappointment, pessimism, personal setbacks, self-forgiveness and moving on.

In the “Five of Cups” card, we can see a man who has worn a long black cloak.

He is looking down at the three cups that have fallen. These three fallen cups represent disappointments, failures and regret.

But right behind him are two cups which are in standing positions, these two cups represent new opportunities and potential.

As the man is just focusing on the fallen cups(losses) he is not able to see the new opportunities coming his way.

In the background, you can see a white bridge and a river flowing under it.

The bridge is showing him a way that will lead him to the security of the castle or home on the opposite side of the riverbank. This is possible only if he is willing to move on from the losses and failures.

The white bridge is an indication to the man to get over the losses and start looking at new opportunities.

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