Tarot Cards : King of Cups Meaning

King of Cups

Emotions associated with King of Cups are:

Emotionally balanced, compassionate, diplomatic, self-compassion, inner feelings, moodiness and emotionally manipulative.

The “King of Cups” card, shows a king sitting on a large stone throne in the middle of the turbulent sea.

The king is wearing a blue tunic and a gold cape that represents his authority and status.

A small fish amulet around his neck symbolises his creative side.

 In his right hand, he is holding the cup of emotions and in his left hand, he is holding a sceptre, which represents control and power.

The king is the only person who doesn’t look at the cup and seems to be focused somewhere. This represents that he is the master of his emotions and has full control over them and so doesn’t need to concentrate on the cup.

On the right side of the king, we can see a fish jumping out of the ocean, while on the left, a ship is sailing steadily despite the waves. This shows that the king stays calm and balanced, even during turbulent times.

The king knows the art of remaining open to his emotions and unconscious impulses, without being overwhelmed by them. He is aware of his power and control over his emotions so he can balance his feelings.

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