Tarot Cards : Ten of Cups Meaning

Ten of Cups

Emotions associated with Ten of Cups are:

Divine love, blissful relationships, harmony, alignment and family union.

In the “Ten of Cups” card, we can see a couple standing together, with their arms outstretched, and their two children playing nearby.

The couple is looking at their house on the hill. There is a colourful rainbow filled with ten cups in the sky.

The couple represents true, everlasting love for each other. Because of their love, they could achieve everything they could ever wish for.

The family and the house represent stability and comfort. The green hills represent fertility and the river represents the flow of emotion – Love.

The rainbow is a sign that difficult times have ended and is a sign from the universe that everything will be okay.

Ten cups represent completeness and fulfilment of true emotion through divine love.

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