Tarot Cards : Ace of Cups Meaning

Ace of Cups

Emotions associated with Ace of Cups are:

Compassion, Creativity, Intuition, Love, New relationships, Repressed emotions and Self-love.

The Ace of Cups represents an overflowing cup with five streams of water.

The cup signifies the vessel of your subconscious mind.

The five streams of water are related to your five senses.

It represents the abundance of emotions and intuitions flowing within you.

A dove is a symbol of divine love, representing the subconscious mind going towards conscious awareness.

From within the clouds, comes a hand holding the Cup, this signifies that you are aware of your spiritual energy which supports your ” intuition powers”.

At the bottom of the card, there is a vast sea covered with lotus blossoms, signifying your spiritual awakening.

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