Tarot Cards : Eight of Cups Meaning

Eight of Cups

Emotions associated with Eight of Cups are:

Disappointment, abandonment, withdrawal, escapism, trying one more time, indecision, aimless drifting and walking away.

In the “Eight of Cups” card, a man walks away from the 8 cups standing upright in the foreground.

The 8 cups are arranged in such a way that we can see that one cup is missing.

The missing one cup represents a lack of emotional fulfilment and a lack of wholeness in life.

The man has turned his back on the eight cups with a feeling of disappointment and loss. He decides to go away into the mountains.

The river represents his emotions and the mountains represent that the journey will not be easy. But this inward journey to self-awareness will lead to happiness.

The moon in the night sky represents that the man is hiding from everyone, and wants to be unnoticed while escaping. The moon is sending him some light so that the path ahead of him gets illuminated.

The inward journey represents yoga and meditation, to be self-aware and not get affected by small things.


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