Tarot Cards : Knight of Cups Meaning

Knight of Cups

Emotions associated with Knight of Cups are:

Creativity, romance, charm, imagination, beauty, overactive imagination, unrealistic, jealousy and moody.

In the “Knight of Cups” card, we can see a knight riding on a white horse and holding out a golden cup as if he bears a message from the heart.

The cloak is covered with images of fish, the symbol of the water element that represents consciousness and creativity. His winged helmet and boots represent his active and creative imagination and his liking for beautiful things.

The white horse too is not charging forward but instead moves slowly and gracefully, representing calmness and peace. The white horse represents power, energy, purity, spirituality and light.

The background is mostly barren, and the Knight with the help of his power of emotions and imagination can create a new life in this barren land.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race!!!

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