Navratri: Day 1 – Is The Beautiful and Powerful Goddess Shailaputri.

Pratipada is the first day of Navratri.

Pratipada is the first day of Navratri.

This day is associated with the Feminine Energy form –  Goddess Shailaputri. Shailaputri means the “Daughter of Mountain”.

Goddess Shailputri is the reincarnation of Sati and is also known as Hemavati (Daughter of the Himalayas).

Goddess Shailputri is seen riding the bull, Nandi, with the Trishula in her right hand and the lotus in her left.

Day One: Shailaputri | शैलपुत्री

Shailaputri is said to be the goddess of the moon. After Sati’s self-immolation at the Daksha Yagna, she is reborn as Goddess Parvathi or Shailputri Devi and becomes the wife of Lord Shiva.

Shailaputri Devi resides in the root chakra and upon awakening, begins her journey to Shiv. She is the starting point of spiritual discipline.

“Aum Devi Shailaputryai Namaha!”
ॐ देवी शैलपुत्र्यै नमः॥

Jai Maa Durga 🔱

•Listen or Chant the Argala Stotram and the Keelaka Stotram
•Listen or Chant the Durga Saptashati | Chapter 1
•Japa Mala | 1 Round of the Mantra
•Meditate on the form of Devi | 5 Mins

Mantra for Day One:

ॐ देवी शैलपुत्र्यै नमः”
Aum Devi Shailaputrya


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