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Hanuman: 1 Of The Most Powerful Immortals in the World.


Lord Hanumanji is one of the biggest characters of Ramayana.

Lord Hanumanji is the reincarnation of Lord Shiva. He is also called “Vaayu Putra” because he is the godson of “Vaayu Dev” or “Wind God”.

Lord Rama and Hanumanji are meant to be together. It is believed that even today, wherever “ Lord Ram” is worshipped “ Hanumanji” will always be present.


Hanumanji and Lord Ram

In the Ramayana, when Sita, Rama’s wife, was kidnapped by Ravana and was taken to Lanka. Ravana captured her in Lanka using his “Pushpak Vimaan”. (Ravana’s Aeroplane)

As Lanka is surrounded by the sea, there was no way of reaching Lanka than flying. As Hanumanji can fly, he flew to Lanka in search of Sita. He found her inside Ravana’s palace, in Ashok Vatika.

When Sita saw Hanumanji out of sheer joy and gratitude she blessed him to be immortal.

At a certain point in time, Lord Hanumanji was even asked to prove his loyalty and devotion to Lord Rama. He immediately tore his chest apart, to show that Lord Rama and Sita are in his heart. Such was/is his devotion!!!

Jai Hanumanji : Jai Shri Ram

Immortal Blessing

Captivated by Hanuman’s devotion Lord Rama healed him and also blessed him with immortality, to which Hanumanji refused and touched Rama’s feet. But, still, Rama blessed him with a long life.

At the end of Treta Yuga, Lord Rama drowned himself in the Sarayu River so that he could move back to the heavens as Lord Vishnu.

But, lord Rama advised Hanumanji to stay on Earth and protect it from evil, as he was immortal.

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Information: Last Seen

Few of Lord Hanuman’s traces are found by some people.

It is even believed that Hanumanji avoided going to the heavens and demanded to stay on Earth as long as Lord Ram is worshipped by people. Hanumanji resides wherever the name of Lord Ram is taken- such is his love for God.

It is also said that during the “Ram Katha”, the first person to come and the last person to leave is always “Chiranjeevi Hanumanji”.

sarangpur hanuman ji

“Hanuman Chalisa”

In 1998, in the Himalayas, during a pilgrimage in “Mansarovar yatra”, a pilgrim saw a light in the cave. This pilgrim immediately took a photo of this light. He died shortly after clicking the picture.

When his fellow travellers developed the photo, they were surprised to see a monkey-formed being, reviewing what looks like the Vedas.

Whoever recites the “Hanuman Chalisa” overcomes any life’s obstacles and miseries.


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