Kripacharya: – An Immortal/ Chiranjivi

Kripacharya is the fourth incarnation of Lord Brahma. He is well known as the royal guru of the princes in the Mahabharata.

He was born extraordinarily to Jānapadi and Saradvan. He and his sister Kripi were adopted by king Shantanu.

“Kripa” in Sanskrit means ‘mercy’ or ‘pity’. As he and his sister were adopted by King Shantanu out of mercy, they were named so.

His sister, Kripi married Dronacharya and gave birth to Ashwatthama.

Kripacharya became an expert archer and hence was given the title “acharya” which means ‘master’.

Later on, Kripa became the well-known and famous teacher of the royal children of Mahabharata and hence was named Kripacharya.

Kripacharya was impartial towards his students and treated them as his kids.

He along with his nephew Ashwatthama is the only fighters alive who participated in Kurukshetra War.

Kripacharya too is believed to stay till the end of Kaliyuga as penance because he had accompanied Ashwathama and supported him in burning and killing children in the Pandava camp.

“Karma” is everything. Even after being such a learned person,

Kripacharya had to do penance.

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