The 9 Wise and Powerful Saints.

“Navnath” or the “9 Saints” is a word used to denote the “Nine Great Saints”.

These “9 Saints” were born to spread the knowledge of the “Navnath Sampradaya”.

“Navnath Sampradaya” was introduced by Lord Dattatreya.

All the 9 “Navnaths” were super humans. They were extremely honest, and selfless and showed at most devotion toward their teacher.

They were so knowledgeable, and powerful that they all had become the “Masters of all Mantras”.

“Navnath” owned the “Vatakarshan Astra”, which is the most supreme weapon, that even the Gods couldn’t possess.

It is believed that “Lord Dattatreya” was the first teacher of the “Navnath”. “Lord Dattatreya” is an incarnation of the combination of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. 

“Navnath” were the incarnations of “Lord Vishnu”. They took birth as human beings for human well-being and to spread the knowledge of “Yoga Vidya” in the world.

The Names of 9 Saints or “Navnath” are:( This is one of the lists of the 9 Saints)

1.     Macchchendranath

2.     Gorakhnath

3.     Jalandernath

4.     Kanifnath

5.     Gahininath (Gaibi Peer)

6.     Nagesh Nath

7.     Charpatnath

8.     Bhartarinath

9.     Revananath

“Nath Sampradaya” is still very popular all around the world. These 9 saints are very popular in Maharashtra, India.

Alakh Niranjan

“Navnath” used the phrase “Alakh Niranjan”.

“Alakh Niranjan” is a term phrased by the “Navnath” or the “9 Saints”.

The word “Alakh” can be explained as “rise the purity within you ” and “Niranjan” can be explained as “supreme being”.

“Alakh Niranjan” means the “Once the purity is risen/ awakened within you, you are in touch with the Supreme being / your Atma (purest form)”. 


“Adesh” is a common way of greeting the people who follow the “Nath” community.

The term “Adesh” means “Union”. Addressing the union between Atma, Jivatma and Paramatma.

“Atma” means the “individual soul”,

“Jivatma” means the “soul and the body”. The consciousness and the awareness of the body that is identical to the universe.

“Paramatma” means the “Universe or God”. The level of your consciousness (mind and body) and the awareness of your “eternal soul” depend on your connection with your “higher self/ God/ Universe”.

By saying “Adesh”, we are referring to the “state of mind”. “Adesh” is to realize that you are the Universe and the great consciousness incarnated in different beings.

“Adesh” is to be in the “state of mind / full openness” to enlighten our life using the ability to learn, evolve and follow the “Nath” community.

By greeting with the word “Adesh” we are reminding each other that we belong to the “Nath Yogis”.

“Adesh” is to greet the “Guru” or the teacher, who are the “Navnaths” or someone who has achieved higher yoga realization than yourself.

Shabar Mantras

“Navnath Bhaktisar” book talks about the “Navnath” who created the “Shabar Mantras”. It consists of about 100 crore mantras!!!

These mantras were created for the welfare of human beings. It is said that by using these mantras one can solve their day-to-day life problems.

Before implementing these mantras in your daily life it is advisable to gain “siddhi” over them.

“Siddha” means to enchant the mantras a particular number of times before starting to use them in your daily life.

Some important temples of the Navnaths are:

1. Matsyendranath / Macchchendranath Temple is situated in Sawargaon, in Aashti Taluka, in Beed District, in Maharashtra, India.

2. Gorakhnath / Gorakshnath Temple is situated in Girnar, in Junagarh, in Gujarat, India.

3. Jalandernath / Jan Peer Temple is situated in Yeolewadi, in Patoda Taluka, in Beed District, in Maharashtra, India.

4. Kanifnath Temple is situated in Madhi, in Pathardi Taluka, in Ahmednagar District, in Maharashtra, India.

5. Gahininath Temple is situated in Chinchore, in Nevasa Taluka, in Ahmednagar District, in Maharashtra, India.

6. Nageshnath Temple is situated in Wadwal, in Mohol Taluka, in Solapur District, in Maharashtra, India.

7. Charpatnath Yogi is still believed to be visiting pilgrimages, hence doesn’t have any temple dedicated to him.

8. Bhartarinath Temple is situated in Harangul, in Gangakhed Taluka, in Parbhani District, in Maharashtra, India.

9. Revananath Temple is situated in Vite, in Sangali District, in Maharashtra, India.

Do visit these places to fill your life

with happiness and blessings of these

“Navnaths” or “9 Great Saints”.

My Guru – Kanifnath Guruji

Alakh Niranjan!!!

Adesh! Adesh! Adesh!

Courtesy “Navnath Bhaktisar” book.


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