Vibhishan: An Immortal/ Chiranjivi

Another character from the Ramayana is Ravana’s youngest brother, Vibhishana.

Vibhishana, Kumbhkarana and Ravana were brothers who prayed to Lord Brahma while they were kids.

Happy by their prayers Lord Brahma blessed Ravana with immense strength and power, Kumbhkarana yawned so didn’t get any blessings and Vibhishana was blessed with taking the side of truth always.

When Ravana and Lord Rama were at war, Vibhishana knew that Lord Rama was right and his brother was wrong. He had pleaded with his brother Ravana to release Sita and ask for forgiveness from Lord Rama. This further agitated Ravana and he banished Vibhishana.

Vibhishana went to Lord Rama and told him the way he could kill Ravana.

Despite being from an asura class, he was dedicated to Lord Rama and fought for what was right. So he was blessed with immortality.

He has been even crowned the king of Lanka after Ravana was killed by Rama because he stood for righteousness.

Vibhishana has a boon to remain on the earth only until the end of the Maha Yugas.