From a Serpent to a Sage – Naganath/ Nageshnath/ Vatsiddhi Nag Nath

Lord Brahma’s semen even fell on the head of a serpent. The serpent ate it. As a result, the foetus began to grow in the serpent’s womb.

Sage Astik Rushi understood all this by his intuition power.

During this time, King Janmejay, with the help of the great sages, started collecting serpents. He wanted to sacrifice these snakes in the holy fire, as an offering to the fire god.

Sage Astik Rushi called the serpent who had eaten the semen. He warned the serpent about the situation. He told the serpent to be careful and to hide somewhere.

The sage suggested the serpent hide in an old Vada tree nearby. He told her to stay in that tree trunk. The serpent did as she was told.

The serpent, after nine months, laid an egg in the tree trunk.

“Avihotra Narayana”, a part of Lord Narayan, entered into the egg. The body grew and the egg began to hatch. The baby soon began to cry when it came out of the egg.

A poor brahmin heard the crying voice of the baby. He picked up the baby from the tree and took him home.

As he was born out of a serpent (nag), he was named “Naganath”.

When he grew up, “Lord Dattatreya” blessed him with his presence. He even included him in the Nath sect.

Lord Dattatreya

“Nagnath” had a special power of producing food, as much as he wanted and at the right time. This power or “Siddhi” was given to him by his master “Lord Dattatreya”.

Alak Niranjan!!!


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