From a River into Sage – Revananath / Revan Siddh / Kada Siddha / Ravalanath

Earlier, 88,000 sages were born from the semen of Lord Brahma. A little semen fell on the banks of the river Reva.

A noble soul entered the semen and converted into a baby. Once the baby had grown, he started crying.

A man came to drink water from the Reva river. He saw the baby crying and so decided to take him home. His wife was overjoyed to see the baby and started taking care of the baby.

They named the baby ‘Revannath’ as they found him on the banks of the river Reva.

Reva River is also known as “Narmada River”.

At the age of 12, “Revannath” was destined to meet Lord Dattatreya. As soon as Lord Dattatreya touched him, he got full knowledge or in words, he was spiritually enlightened.

“Revannath” could now remember his previous birth. He remembered that he was “Chamas Narayan”, a part of Lord Narayan.

Lord Dattatreya blessed “Revannath” with some special magical powers (Siddhis). He used these powers to live comfortably and for the betterment of the human race.

“Revannath” fed many people and cured many ailments. Thus, he became very famous.

 As he cured and helped many people he was known as “Revansiddhi”. He was also included in the Nath sect by Lord Dattatreya.

Alak Niranjan!!!


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