Charpatinath / Charpatakshnath / Chapat Nath.

Some of Lord Brahma’s semen along with dust fell into the river Bhagirathi, which flowed to the island of Kush and got stuck in the grass.

“Pippalayan Narayana”, a part of Lord Narayan entered into the grass. After 9 months, the baby was born.

River Bhagirathi, Uttrakhand, India.

A man named “Satyashrava”, at lord Narada’s request went to find this baby and took it home. “Satyashrava” named the baby ‘Charpati’.

When “Charpati” was about 12 years of age, he ran away from home because he had an argument with his father.

“Charpati” reached Badrikashram. Here he met “Machhindranath” and “Lord Dattatreya”.

At Lord Shiva’s request, Lord Dattatreya decided to impart spiritual knowledge to “Charpati”. From that day “Charpati” became the wise “Charpatinath” and was included in the Nath sect.

Alak Niranjan!!!


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