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From Ashes To A Sage Life: Vibrant Powerful Gorakshanath / Gorakhnath.

Gorakhnath Guruji

Ashes to a Sage Story

“Machhindranath” with the blessings of the two Lords, Lord Shiva and Lord Dattatreya, created the “Nath Sampradaya” or the Nath Sect / Community.

“Machhindranath” went on pilgrimage to spread the “Nath Sampradaya”.


“Machhindranath” had reached Bengal. There he met a Brahmin called “Suraj”.

“Suraj” was living in a village, named Chandragiri. He lived with his wife, “Saraswati”. They were both honest and righteous people. But a sorrow always haunted them. They did not have any children.

One day, “Machhindranath” went to their house to ask for food. Saraswati requested “Nath” to help them get a child.

Machhindranath Guruji

“Machhindranath” gave her “ashes” and told her to eat them. She had to eat the ashes every night before going to sleep. He had warned her to follow the procedure and not to take the ashes lightly.

“Machhindranath” had blessed “Saraswati” by saying that the ashes will give her a son, who will be as bright as the sun.


“Machhindranath” even promised her that, he will come back after 12 years and train her child by imparting his knowledge.

“Machhindranath” again set out on his pilgrimage.

“Saraswati” was delighted and told this story to all the women in her neighbourhood.

The women started warning her that they feel that something bad is about to happen. They scared her by saying that saints are more likely to be thugs. So, she shouldn’t eat the ashes given to her.

Saraswati got scared and immediately went home and threw the ashes away. The holy ashes fell on the garbage dump.

12 years passed by, and “Machhindranath” went to meet “Saraswati”. She informed him about the situation that took place.

She took him to the place where she had dumped the ashes. “Machhindranath” went close to the garbage dump and called out for “Gorakh”.

He told “Gorakh” that he has already stayed in the dump for 12 years and wasted a lot of his time. Hearing this, a 12-year-old boy emerged out of the garbage dump and left with “Machhindranath”.


Seeing this “Saraswati” felt very sad and felt that she should have trusted the wise saint.

“Gorakhnath” became a true devotee of his guru “Machhindranath”. He would always be by the side of his guru.

He became a learned saint and is considered to be a “Maha-Yogi”. “Maha-Yogi” means a “Great Yogi”.

“Gorakhnath” teachings were based on “Searching for Truth”. He preached that “Spiritual Life” should be and is the most valuable goal of man.

“Gorakhnath’s” thoughts, ideas and yogic teachings are highly popular in rural India.

There are many monasteries and temples dedicated to “Gorakhnath”.

Gorakhnath Temple – Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.

“Gorakhpur”, is the name of a city in Uttar Pradesh. Gorakhpur city is located along the banks of the river Rapti.

“Gorakhnath Temple” or “Gorakhnath Math” is situated in “Gorakhpur” city.

“Gorakhpur” city gets its name from the Sanskrit word “Gorakshapuram”, which means “The Abode of Gorakhnath”.

“Gorakh Cave”

Gorakh Cave – Brahmagiri Hills, Trimbakeshwar, Trimbak, Maharashtra, India.

Gorakh Cave is situated in Brahmagiri Hills, in Trimbakeshwar, Trimbak, Maharashtra.

This place is prominent because it is believed that “Guru Gorakhnath” performed his penance here. This hill also has beautiful carvings on it.

Devotees travel to the “Gufa or Cave” to undergo penance for the sins they have committed during their lifetime.

Ashes to a Sage : Guru Gorakhnathji Temple
Gorakhnath Temple – Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India.

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