From Mud to a Sage – Gahininath / Gehininath

Gahininath Guruji

“Machhindranath” imparted all the knowledge he had to “Gorakshanatha”.

“Gorakshanatha” had mastered all the sciences and so was made a member of the Nath community.

“Gorakshanath” along with his teacher “Machhindranath” were on a pilgrimage. As they had walked a lot, they were tired. So they decided to take a rest and stay in the nearby village for a few days.

Gorakhnath Guruji

One day “Guru Machhindranath” went out for some work. During this time, as “Gorakshanath” was alone, he started reciting the “Sanjeevani Mantra” to study it well.

Some children were playing with mud, where “Gorakshanatha” was reciting his mantra. The children made a vehicle out of the mud. The children were excited but then they came to the thought that the mud vehicle needs a driver.

They went to “Gorakshanath” and urged him to make a mud statue. He agreed and started making an idol out of the mud. But, he was also reciting the “Sanjeevani Mantra”.

The statue made by Gorakshanatha came to life!!!

And the baby started crying loudly. The children who saw this got scared and ran away in fear. “Gorakshanath” too out of fear left the child and ran away.

The children who were running away met “Machhindranath” on his way back. The children told the “guru” everything that had happened.

“Machhindranath” quickly went to the baby and picked him up and wrapped him in a cloth. He then found “Gorakshanath” and told him that there was nothing to be afraid of. The “Sanjeevani Mantra” had brought the mud statue to life.

“Machhindranath” and his devotee had to leave the village to continue their journey. So he gave the baby to a couple, named Madhunabha and Ganga, who had no children. He informed the couple to take good care of the baby. He also told them that after 12 years, “Gorakshanath” would come and impart knowledge to the baby.


“Machhindranath” came to know that “Gorakshanath” was still raw and he didn’t know how to keep his powers in his control. So, the guru took “Gorakshanath” to Badrikashram. He told him to do penance for the next twelve years.

“Gorakshanath” did as his guru had told him. He stood with his left toe on an iron fork and began to meditate by keeping an eye on the sun. During this time “Machhindranath” went on a pilgrimage for the next 12 years.

This baby was named “Gahininath”. After 12 years he was trained by “Gorakshanath” and he too started spreading the “Nath Sampradaya”.

“Gahininath” was also called “Gahini Peer” by his Muslim followers.

Gahininath Gad – Chincholi, Beed, Maharashtra, India.

Alak Niranjan!!!


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