The journey from an Elephant’s Ear to a Sage – Kanifnath or Kanhoba

After 12 years, “Fire God” went to Lord Dattatreya to meet his son, “Jalandar”.

From Fire to Sage – Jalandharnath / Jalandernath

In 12 years, “Jalandar” had become proficient in all disciplines and become “Jalandarnath”. “Fire God” was impressed and happy to see his son.

“Fire God” decided to take his son to meet Lord Shiva. During their meeting, Lord Shiva informed them that it was time for “Kanifnath” to be born.

“Kanifnath” would be born from an elephant’s ear in the Himalayas. “Jalandarnath” stated that he would like to make him his disciple.

Lord Shiva took the father and the son to a certain place in the Himalayas. There they saw a huge elephant who had become wild and crazy. They all started thinking about how to get closer to the elephant.

“Jalandarnath” used the “Mohini Vidya” known as the “Hypnotism technique” to subdue the elephant.  The elephant became very quiet and calm.

As soon as “Jalandarnath” went closer to the elephant’s ear he saw a 16-year-old boy, come out of the elephant’s ear.

This boy was named “Kanifnath”. He gained knowledge from” Jalandarnath”. He too started spreading the knowledge of the “Nath Sampradaya”.

Kanifnath Guruji Temple – Bopgaon, Saswad, Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Alak Niranjan!!!


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