Number 5 is your Happy Number.

Number 5

Birthdates on: 5th, 14th, 23rd dates of any month.

Number 5 is related to the planet Mercury.

Lucky day: Wednesday (Budhwar)

Number 5 is a sign of Cleverness and Good Communication Skills.

Number 5 energy signifies freedom to socialize and interact.

Number 5 people are mostly witty, sensual, adventurous and curious.

Number 5 influences people to learn through exploration. Hence, number 5 people find their interests in adventures.

Number 5 people are free-spirited people and hence are gifted with the “Wings to Fly High”.

Number 5 people adapt to every situation with comfort and ease. As they are adventurous, they are in touch with the “Five Elements of Nature” and get benefitted from the powers that “Nature” holds.

Number 5 energy is fast-moving energy. Hence, it is related to the “Element of Fire” which is also fast-moving. Number 5 people can become very chaotic at times.

Number 5 has some negative aspects associated with them like irresponsible behaviour, inconsistency, carelessness and restlessness.

Number 5 is connected to a strong individual personality, powerful ideas, life lessons, vision and change. Number 5 people should spread their wings and “Aim to Fly High”.

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