Number 6 is your Happy Number.

Number 6

Birthdates on: 6th, 15th, 24th   of any month.

Number 6 is associated with the planet Shukra or Venus.

Lucky day: Friday (Shukrawar)

Number 6 is a sign of the “Heart – Emotions and Feelings”.

Number 6 energy signifies “emotions – kind-hearted”.

Number 6 people make selfless decisions; this enables them to remain family-oriented throughout their lives. 

Number 6 people are often associated with – Counselling/ Guidance” and Teaching fields.

Number 6 people have the capabilities to get rid of all their negative energies and follow kindness and idealistic behaviour in life.

Number 6 people are all about healing, unconditional love, parenthood, idealism, families and finding emotional balance. This is because number 6 energies vibrate at “Loving Frequencies”. These people are very grounded, nurturers, faithful which has helped them build emotional relationships.

Number 6 has a few negative aspects like selfishness, impracticality and shallowness.

Number 6 energies also reverberate with awareness and spiritual attributes. So, overcome your negativities and be closer to your “Higher Soul”.

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