Veda Vyasa : An Immortal / Chiranjivi

Ved Vyasa was the son of sage Parashara and Satyawati, a fisherwoman. He is the great-grandson of the sage Vashishtha.

He was born at the end of Treta Yuga, he lived the complete Dvapara Yuga. He saw the initial phase of Kali Yuga and is considered to be still in existence according to Hindu tradition.

Ved Vyasa composed the Mahabharata with Lord Ganesha as the writer. He is also the writer of the Puranas as well as the traditional compiler of the Vedas.

The “Guru Purnima” festival is also known as “Vyasa Purnima” as this day is his birthday and it is also the day when he divided the Vedas.

As per scriptures, Ved Vyasa has always lived in one place, that is on the banks of the river Ganga, in modern Uttarakhand, called Badri or Badrikashrama.

Research shows that it has been approximately 700 years since someone has met Ved Vyasa physically.

But in the spiritual form, we can meet him by chanting the Vedas written by him. He is also in the Bhagwad Gita that we recite and in the Mahabharata.

So whenever you read Mahabharata, you are meeting Ved Vyasa, the composer of this great epic.

So always try to meet him as he is the “Epitome of Knowledge” and “Wisdom”.