A Yantra of Mahavira

Shri Yantra: 1 Of The Most Beautiful and Powerful Yantra.


The yantras are used to worship the Divine Feminine and hence the “Yantras” are of different shapes and colours to represent or for different goddesses.

The central point or ” Bindu” in the yantra, is the energy point or powerhouse. It represents the centre of the Universe and your inner self as part of the Universe.

Shri Yantra chakra symbol, cosmic mystical diagram with stars on dark background. Sacred geometry illustration Shri Yantra chakra symbol, cosmic mystical diagram with stars on dark background. Sacred geometry illustration. shri yantra stock illustrations

A yantra is constructed by making geometric shapes and iconography images of deities.

A yantra starts from the central point, the central dot, called the “Bindu”, from which, all the iconographic and geometrical shapes are created in layers.

The common geometrical shapes that are seen on the yantra are circles, triangles, lotus petals and hexagons. 

Shri Yantra

The meanings of these geometrical shapes are:

  • The downward-pointing triangle indicates feminine creative power, while the upward-facing triangle indicates male energy.
  • The hexagrams represent the union of feminine and masculine energies.
  • Lotus petals indicate purity, clarity and transcendence.
  • Circles signify the expression of life.
  • The surrounding of the yantra is square-shaped, which represents the 4 directions – NEWS.

A yantra is a visual image with a mantra always associated with it.


The frequency of the mantra defines the yantra and the mantra vibration represents the energy of the yantra.

This mantra gives you the energy and the power for the manifestation of intention.

A mantra is hence so important in the yantra. It is attached to the yantra through spiritual rituals and blessings.

By the presence of the mantra, the power of the yantra gets improved.

Yantras help us focus during meditation, helps attract wealth and prosperity, helps to develop our abilities to achieve success.

What is the Sri Yantra?


 “Sri Chakra” or the “Sri Yantra” is one of the most influential , powerful and significant Yantras and hence is considered as “The Mother Of All Yantras”.

“Sri Yantra” comprises very strong cosmic powers. These powers can help you focus your energies and desires, so as to make your wishes come true.

“Sri Yantra” means an “Instrument for Wealth”.

This yantra has the power to create material and spiritual abundance in your life.

“Sri Yantra” can fulfil all your wishes and change your life forever.

What is So Exceptional About The “Sri Yantra”?


The “Sri Yantra” comprises of  9 triangles that surround and emerge from the central point, called the “Bindu”.

These nine triangles are of different sizes and interconnect with one another.

In the middle of the “Sri Yantra”,  is the central point, “Bindu”, is full of power. Hence, it is also called “PowerPoint”.

From this “PowerPoint/ Bindu”, is the centre from which the entire figure and the cosmos expands.

Shri Chakra Yantra Shri Chakra Yantra - vector image - isolated on white background shri yantra stock illustrations

The triangles are surrounded by two rows of lotus petals, which represents “Creation and Vital Energy”.

The lines on the outer frame of the “Sri Yantra” represents a sanctuary. This sanctuary shows four openings to the regions of the universe.


“Sri Yantra” helps you achieve a higher level of consciousness and begins to create your desired reality.

“Sri Yantra” can help you bring peace and harmony into your life, by removing all the obstacles in your life.

It gives you positive energy that can help you overcome your limitations and fears.

“Sri Yantra” has pure energy which is highly sensitive and consists of magnificent magnetic powers.

This energy picks up particular cosmic waves emitted by the planets and other universal objects. Then, these waves get transformed into positive vibrations by the “Sri Yantra”.

These vibrations cleanse all the energies of negativity in your surroundings.

Meditation done on this Yantra can help you focus on your goals to attract prosperity and abundance into your life because Sri Yantra has very strong hidden powers which can be noticed within the short term.

Sri Yantra Mandala Vector illustration of Sri Yantra mandala shri yantra stock illustrations

Activity For You

Step 1

As you look at the “Sri Yantra”, first focus on its centremost dot, which is the unity that underlies all the diversity of the physical world.

Step 2

Observe the triangle near the central dot. The downward-pointing triangle is the female energy, while the upward facing triangle is the male energy.

Step 3

Now observe the circles outside of the triangles. These circles are the cycles of cosmic rhythms and time, that has no beginning and no end.

Step 4

Observe the lotus petals outside the circle, which are pointing outwards, illustrating the opening point of our understanding.

Step 5

Observe “the square” in the “Shri Yantra”. The square represents the material world and the 4 corners represent 4 directions.

Step 6

There are four T-shaped designs. These indicate our earthly passage from the external and material to the internal and sacred.

Step 7

Observe the different shapes and patterns emerging from the yantra.

Step 8

Continue expanding your vision and try to take in all the information on the yantra.

Step 9

Now gently close your eyes and try to see the yantra in your mind’s eye.

This activity will help you be more focussed, active, calm and will improve your concentration levels.

7 color of chakra symbol, lotus flower with human body, watercolor painting hand drawn, illustration design 7 color of chakra symbol, lotus flower with human body, watercolor painting hand drawn, illustration design rainbow flower stock illustrations

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