5 Morning Rituals to Kick – Start Your Day !!!

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Our minds are just like computers!!!

Our minds, like the computers, have compartments to store the information, that we have gathered throughout the day.

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Whatever we listen, see, experience and undergo during the day gets collected in the mind.
By evening, the mind has collected a “huge pile of thoughts”.

When we sleep at night, our minds start to sort the “huge pile of thoughts”.

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When we are asleep, the mind sorts out the “Thoughts” and stores them in their respective files. These files are the different compartments of the brain.

As a result of this sorting process, we feel fresh when we get up in the morning. Because, the mind is clear of all thoughts and is blank once again.

As the mind is clear of all the thoughts, it helps the person work far more peacefully in the morning than at any other time of the day.

Morning time is the time where there are the least distractions, and hence there will be no or very few distractive thoughts getting stored in the mind.

So, a person can focus on work far more effectively in the morning, than at any other time during the day.

So, what to do once you wake up early in the morning? Here is my list of –

5 Morning Rituals to Kick start your day.


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Start your day with a peaceful and relaxing meditation session.

You can start your day with a few pranayamas like:

Bhastrika – a few deep breathes (10 to 15)
Anulom vilom – 7 to 10 times
Kapalbhati – 108 counts.
Then, you can concentrate on your breath for a few minutes.

This whole session will make you feel relaxed and energized.

2. Get Some Sun

Our “Solar System” is functioning because of the Sun.

The Sun or “Fire” is one of the 5 basic elements of our lives.

Seeds need sunlight to germinate into beautiful green plants.

The early morning sunlight is mild and soothing.

Sunlight is the natural source of Vitamin D. Hence Vitamin D is also known as the “Sunshine Vitamin”.

When your skin gets exposed to morning sunlight, it produces vitamin D from cholesterol present in the skin.

The Ultra – Violet Rays of the Sun, hits the cholesterol in the skin cells, which leads to Vitamin D synthesis to occur.

Vitamin D is essential to maintain a fit and healthy body.

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Calcium and phosphorus are the two main minerals that are essential for maintaining strong and healthy bones.

Vitamin D initiates your gut cells to absorb calcium and phosphorus present in the body.

Vitamin D deficiency leads to serious health consequences like cancer, osteoporosis, depression and muscle weakness.

So take your cup of coffee or tea and head to your balcony to get your skin exposed to the rays of the morning sun.

3. Make A “Gratitude Journal”

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“Gratitude” means being thankful for people and situations.

By expressing “Gratitude” you can improve and balance your physical and mental health.

Early morning, everyday, start writing in the “Gratitude Journal” mentioning –
5 things that you are “Grateful” for in your life.

Being “Grateful” will give you a huge boost for your wellbeing and you will start appreciating the things around you.

You can even draw your “daily gratitude sketches” or can collect pictures of things that you are grateful for!!!

4.Have A Nutritious Breakfast

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Breakfast is the first mealtime of the day and is considered the “supreme” food of the day.

A healthy breakfast comprises nutritious foods that provide energy and make a person feel full and energetic.

A healthy breakfast satisfies you and helps you kick start your productive day.

Breakfast is good for your body and also having breakfast with your family works as a great bonding time.

5. Plan your Day – by preparing a “To-Do” list

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We all are “Limited Edition”.

Our life on earth is limited. You never know which could be your last breath. Time is precious indeed.

To use time wisely, you need to maintain a “To-Do List” book.

In this book, you can jot down the things you want to do and plan to achieve them.

Every morning, make a list of things you need to accomplish in the day.

By doing this you will not forget or miss out on any work and you can plan your work schedule/ timings to achieve a great productive day.

When I make my “To-Do List” for the whole day, I strike out the things from the list once I have completed them.

By striking out the things completed, boosts my confidence levels and pushes me to achieve/ complete the rest of the chores on the list.

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An ancient saying aptly illustrates the above 5 Morning Rituals –

‘Early to bed,

Early to rise;

Makes a man –

Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.’

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