Spiritual Guide – Dinesh Shrotriya

We all are the part of the universe. 

We are just a speck of dust in this vast universe.

Spirituality is to find our inner self – our inner universe.

Yoga, meditation and breathing exercises helps us to connect with our inner self.

Dinesh Shrotriya is a spiritual guide and research scholar who lives in Bhilwara, Rajasthan, who helps people connect with their inner world.


Dinesh Shrotriya was born on 3rd March 1950, in Rajasthan.

He belonged to a middle-class family. But his family was spiritually inclined and was a devotee of spiritual master “Sadguru Data Bhagwan”. 

On numerous occasions, he got the opportunity to be in the company of reverted spiritual master “Sadguru Data Bhagwan” and his personal interactions with Sadguru imbibed a spiritual thirst in him.


Dinesh Shrotriya completed his post-graduation in Zoology. 

He worked in the Fisheries department, under the Rajasthan government. He served the Rajasthan government for 27 years. As a part of the job, he had to be on the field and that made him a nature lover.

He began to travel to various places surrounded by nature which are charged with spiritual energies.

Spiritual Path 

In one of his travels , he met with an Australian lady who had come to India to learn about spirituality.

 She lived near the Jamvant cave. She was staying in a normal house without many facilities and was rigorously performing her spiritual sadhanas, that made a deep impact on the officer, Dinesh Shrotriya.

Gradually, the lady became the spiritual guide of officer Dinesh Shrotriya, and he became clear about his life goals.

 Finally, he took retirement at the age of 50 from the government job to begin his spiritual journey and went to the Himalayas to study and experience more about spirituality and meditation.

In the Himalayas, he met a lot of saints and spiritual gurus. 

He met his main guru “Pilot Baba”, who taught him spiritual meditation or “Sadhana.” He also learned many things from another guru “Sivananda Ji”

He learnt and experienced all about the Spiritual Chakras – 

  • The position of the Chakras
  • The colour of the chakras
  • The number of lotus petals of each Chakra
  • The “Beej mantras” on each Chakra
  • The God and Goddess of each Chakra
  • Significance of each Chakra
  • Third eye sadhana
  • Kundalini awakening

These practices opened access to another realm/ universe for him.

After 12 years in the Himalayas, he came back to Rajasthan and started spreading this spiritual knowledge. People come to him to solve their life problems and for spiritual knowledge.

YouTube Channel

At an age of 70, he has created his own Youtube channel named – Divya Dhrushti Jagrit Sadhana.

Please go through the link shared below for more knowledge about his work.

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