5 healthy and tasty soups for dinner

Bread And Soup

In the rainy season, the cold winds and the rains tantalize our taste buds.

In the rainy season, we love having hot drinks and crispy snacks. The healthy option for our cravings is – “ A Hot Bowl Of Soup”.

Did you know when was the soup first prepared?

After the discovery of fire, “cooking” was the best thing that ever happened to the early man.

In the initial ages of our evolution, the early man would dip food ingredients like roots, leaves, vegetables and fruits in water and boil them. This would increase the quantity and the flavour of the soup.

It even made the food ingredients cook/boil properly and quickly. And that’s how soups were invented!

The soup was a satisfying meal for the stomach and was easy to cook. It was also easy to digest by both the sick and healthy. So it became a convenient food source.

With time, cooking and boiling with different ingredients, made the soups thicker and tastier. This led to the creation of flavourful versions of soups.

Here is a list of 5 healthy and tasty soups which is loved by all ages!

Tomato soup

Brown Soup in White Ceramic Bowl

Tomato soup is smooth, savoury and an appealing dish that is great to enjoy any time of the year.

The red bold and bright colour of the soup is rich in vitamins and minerals.

The flavour of the fresh tomatoes and the peppery richness of the broth, with all the spicy masalas, makes it a perfect relaxing food for the cold and rainy weather.

Manchow soup

Veg Manchow Soup - Aarti Madan

Cold rainy days call for a soothing bowl of veg manchow soup to warm you up.

Veg Manchow Soup is made by cooking finely chopped vegetables and spices (Asian flavours – Indo – Chinese twist.) This soup is decked with fried noodles which add a nice texture to it.

The strong tongue-tickling flavours of garlic and ginger make this veg manchow soup the best soup for lifting up your spirits.

It is the most popularly sold soup on the roadside food stalls and snack counters worldwide.

Spinach / Palak soup

Plate with delicious vichyssoise cream soup served on table with blue tablecloth

Regardless of being one of the healthiest greens, not everyone likes the taste of spinach.

A bowl of spinach soup is the best way to include healthy green leaves in your diet.

The freshly crushed pepper makes the soup hot and spicy and takes away the bitter taste of the spinach.

The palak soup is served plain or with some crispy bread or even as a starter.

Adding some cooked macaroni to the soup makes it a wholesome meal.

The spinach soup is healthy and a low-calorie soup, so it is one of the best soups for your diet.

Hot and sour soup

Brown Ceramic Bowl With Brown Soup

The “Hot and Sour soup” is the most famous and the favourite soup in Asian cuisine.

The striking flavours along with many health benefits makes this soup an amazing option for your dinner.

The “hot” flavour comes from dried chillies, a chilli garlic sauce, and pepper while the “sour” flavour comes from the vinegar.

The hot and sour soup is easy to make at home and can be modified to suit your flavour preferences.

So, you can fine-tune the “hot” and “sour” levels to your taste by adding extra veggies, spices and herbs.
Let me know your version of this soup in the comment section.

Lentil soup

Soup With Vegetables on White Ceramic Bowl

Lentil soup can be made of brown, red, yellow, green or black lentils, with or without the husk.

Lentil soup is made of cumin, olive oil, garlic, bay leaf, vinegar and vegetables.

Vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, celery, parsley, tomato and onions are used to increase the nutritional value of the soup.

Lentil soup is a highly nourishing and healthy soup. It contains proteins, dietary fibre, iron and potassium which makes it a wholesome meal.

In Chinese culture, it is believed that drinking warm soups and beverages

keeps illness away and strengthens digestion.

Enjoy your hot bowl of soup in this cold rainy weather.

Do let me know your favourite soups in the comment section.


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