21st June – International Yoga Day.

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 ‘Yoga’ in Sanskrit language means ‘to join and/or unite’.

Yoga is basically a collaboration of body poses, which focusses on achieving harmonization between the mind and the body.

Yoga is also known as “The Art of Healthy Living.”

5 benefits of Yoga

  1. Improves body flexibility and balance
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Yoga poses and series increases the body’s range of movement.

The Yoga stretching poses are gentle but very effective. Each pose is for a specific group of muscles.

The stretching poses activates the nervous system and releases the tension in the muscles. This makes the body flexible.

The side poses strengthen and balances both sides of the body.

In Yoga as equal importance is given to both sides of the body, it improves the functioning of the internal organs, stabilizes the body and strengthens the muscles which helps in balancing the body.

2. Improves Mental Health

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In Yoga, we first do a few series of breathing exercises.

Deep breathing reduces the thoughts crossing your mind.

This makes our mind calm. All the unwanted thoughts are destroyed and reduces stress. This enhances the harmony to the mind and gives us mental peace.

As the mind is healthy, sleep patterns get improved. A proper night’s sleep makes a person feel fresh whole day.

3. Improves Fitness Level

Woman Doing Yoga Position

Yoga is a total mind-body workout.

Yoga is a combination of poses that stretches and strengthens the muscles.

Nowadays, as we spend a long time working at a computer, the neck, shoulders and the spine get affected.

Daily practice of Yoga poses – (upper body poses) will make the back muscles stretched and strengthened, thus making the spinal – cord strong.

Yoga makes the body flexible, balanced and strong. This in turn improves the body’s movement and functioning. Thus helping the body to develop from any physical damage.

4. Improves concentration

Photo Of Woman Standing With One Leg

While performing the “Balancing poses” we may feel that we might fall, so we are enforced to concentrate on the present body posture.

Yoga has many “Balancing poses”.  Balancing the body requires focus and concentration.

Yoga is all about connecting our breathing with the balancing poses. Hence these poses are the best techniques to increase concentration.

5. Improves your productivity levels

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The mind always likes wandering.

This leads to low productivity and low efficiency of work. This makes our lives restless and uncomfortable.

Yoga is a combination of body postures, breathing exercises and meditation. Yoga helps the mind to calm down the thoughts.

When we concentrate on our breathing, the unwanted thoughts or confusions disappear. The mind becomes more alert to the present scenarios and is more clear and focussed.

This helps us do our work faster and even increases our performance quality.

Any work done with full concentration always gives good outcomes.

Side view of anonymous slim lady in sportswear standing in Urdhva Dhanurasana pose while practicing yoga on river shore

So whenever you feel low,

try out some Yoga poses.

Yoga will help you

calm your mind, body and soul.

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