5 tips to beautify your house.

Green Plant on White Pot

There is no place on Earth other than your house, where you can find – comfort, happiness, relaxation and peace.

“Home Sweet Home” is a quote that everyone can relate to and experience.

To make the “house” more beautiful and peaceful –

Here are my 5 tips which I used to beautify my house.

1.Wallpaper stickers

Wallpaper stickers add colour and design to your room. 

Wallpaper stickers make the room look more attractive and highlights the room.

Wallpaper stickers do not take up space like the showpieces and don’t need any maintenance.

I have 3 wallpaper stickers in my house.

As my wall is cream in colour, I have chosen colourful and decorative wallpaper stickers.

Before buying the wallpaper sticker it is better to measure the area of the wall where you would like to stick it.

Depending on the colour of your wall, there are many colourful and decorative wallpaper stickers available online. 


Indoor plants or terrace plants soothe and energise the ambience of the house.

The lush green colour of the leaves adds to the peaceful mood of the house. 

Planting in different types of pots – colourful pots or different unique shapes of pots enhances the view of the room.

Arranging the plants in plant stands gives a classy look.

I have a plant holder in the shape of a cycle.

Planting flowering plants – of different coloured flowers beauties of the room/terrace.

I have a hibiscus plant (red colour flower), Krishna- kamal (purple colour flower) and a jasmine plant (white colour flower).

3. Wall Clock designs

Wall clock always makes sure that you get your things done on time.

Wall clock is the first piece of wall decor that people notice in the house.

A classy and unique wall clock design will enhance the aesthetic look of your house.

A wide range of designer wall clocks in different sizes is easily available online and in the market.

I have a colourful round wooden wall clock put up on the living room wall. As the wall is cream in colour the wall clock adds colour to the room.

I have a “Ganesha wall clock” in the bedroom. The first thing I notice while waking up is the time and Ganesha!

4.Floor Carpets

White and Tan English Bulldog Lying on Black Rug

Floor carpets give a comfy, warm and cosy feeling to the house.

Floor carpets are available in different colours, patterns, styles and textures. 

Floor carpets add colour and design to the room and even helps keep the floors clean.

Floor carpets are easy to maintain and is the easiest way to change the look of the room.

5.Room fresheners

A room filled with a nice fragrance always makes a person feel fresh and calming.

I have a “Lavender potpourri bowl”, which fills up the room with a nice scent and a soothing feel.

Room freshener sprays, potpourri, scented camphor balls, incense sticks and aroma oils with diffuser sets are some of the ways to fragrance in the house.

Different fragrances and aroma oils are available online and in the market. 

So pick up your favourite fragrance for your house.

Photo of a White Door With a Hanging Wreath and Welcome Decor

The best place in the world for everyone

is their “house”.

So, apply these 5 tips to beautify your house

to make it more 

beautiful, appealing and relaxing everyday.


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