6 Scientific Benefits of Performing Havan At Home.

Use These 9 Things During The Havan Of Maa Durga - इन 9 चीजों से करें मां चण्डी का हवन, आपको छूकर भी नही जाएंगे ये रोग | Patrika News

Everything around us comprises of the five elements of nature. 

Our bodies too consist of these 5 elements of nature: –

Fire, EarthWaterAir and Space

Havan is a holy fire ritual. It is one of the significant parts of Hindu rituals.

Havan-Kund is the central structure of the Havan. 

Havan– Kund is made of copper and is in a shape of a pyramid. It is mainly made of pure copper because copper has a strong grasping ability and transmitting capacity.

The pyramid shape of the Havan-Kund creates positive energy to perform the fire rituals.

The holy fire is ignited inside the Havan – Kund. The holy fire is ignited by placing small wood sticks, dried cow-dung, camphor (kapur), cotton diya (lamp) and cow-ghee (saturated butter).

Once the holy fire is ignited, Sanskrit mantras or shlokas are chanted and offerings are added to the holy fire.

The offerings (Havan-Samugri) given to the holy fire are: 

Grains, butter, milk, herbal roots, leaves, incense and seeds.

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6 Scientific Benefits of Performing Havan at Home.

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1. Spreads Positive vibrations

As the Havan-Kund is made of copper, the copper grasps or absorbs the holy and positive vibrations of the Havan.

Copper has a strong transmitting capacity too, thus the positive vibrations of the Havan in its surroundings. 

Havan when performed during sunrise and sunset, spreads maximum therapeutic and soothing energies in the atmosphere.

White and Blue Smoke Illustration

2. Havan Purifies the surrounding air.

The smoke produced from the Havan-Kund’s holy fire purifies the air. 

The whole space of the Havan is rejuvenated and revives the surroundings.

The holy smoke removes foul smells from the surrounding and the fragrance of the incense makes the surroundings aromatic.

Scent fume of burning incense stick against black background

3. Holy Fire acts as a pesticide 

The offerings (Havan Samugri) given/ made to the holy fire spreads in the air and purifies the atmosphere.

The holy smoke has anti-bacterial properties as it is created from raw materials. It reduces the bacterial count in the atmosphere making the air pure and clean.

The holy fire and the smoke emitted from the Havan-Kund fills the environment with pure, nourishing and healing properties. 

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 4. Increases Harmony

During the Havan, a huge amount of heat energy and sound energy is created in the surroundings.

The heat energy is created by the holy fire and the sound energy is created by the chanting of the mantras.

These energies help in enhancing harmony and peace in the surroundings.


 5. Rejuvenates the mind and the body

The holy fire burns up all the offerings given and makes the environment clean and rejuvenated. 

The carbon – dioxide in the environment gets mixed with the aromatic vapours of the holy fire. This acts as a cerebral stimulant thus enhancing the functioning of the brain and the mind. 

The Sound energy generated by the chanting of mantras is very good for the eardrums.

The freshness in the environment energizes and recharges the mind and the body.

Red and Orange Fire

6. Enhances Spiritual Growth

Focussing on the holy fire increases concentration levels. In meditation, concentration and focus play an important role. 

Through meditation, we can rejuvenate and clean the “Spiritual Chakras” in our body. 

    During these Covid times, where the air is unhealthy,

Havan is one of the best ways to spiritually cleanse

 our surroundings, our minds and our bodies.

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