5 values that my first anniversary has taught me

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Marriages are made in heaven but lived on earth. 

My first marriage anniversary (on 24th May ) has taught me a few values to have a happy marriage.

It has taught me that “no one is perfect’’. 

Understanding each other and showing empathy makes the relationship strong and a happy one. 

It is up to the couple to create the “Heaven on Earth” by inculcating the moral values of life.  

The 5 values that my one-year marriage has taught me are: –


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“Change is the only constant.’’

There will always be changes in everyone’s life. 

Being a “Taurus’’ person I am not very comfortable with change. 

I never liked travelling. I preferred being at home and enjoying a good movie or a web series and eat tasty food. 

My husband loves travelling. Opposites attract, right!!

We started travelling to nearby places. We went to Rajasthan (husband’s hometown), Goa, Nasik and Pawna lake to name a few trips.

As I started travelling I got exposed to different people, cultures, food and climate.

Travelling made me more grateful for what I have and most importantly be grateful to nature.

Now I have a list of places I would like to visit after this pandemic.

As I adapted to my husband’s wishes to travel, I got exposed to a lot of new things. These experiences are helping me explore my creative side through blog writing.

As I started liking to travel my relationship with my husband has become stronger and he is happy and appreciates me because I am adapting to his needs.

My experiences on our : –

Goa trip


Pawna lake:



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To understand and be in your partner’s shoes is very important.

My parents stay just a few minutes away from my home. I can meet them any time I want. They to drop in whenever they wish.

In these Covid times, it’s a blessing to have my parents nearby.

As my in-laws stay in Rajasthan, my husband feels like being with them in these stressful times.

But due to “lockdown’’, we cannot travel.

Empathy has made me understand my husband’s feelings. He is concerned about his parents and wants to take care of them.

So we decided to take time out and talk to them every day in the evening so that we can be in touch in some way.

Small things make big impacts.


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My husband is a very generous person. I need to imbibe this value from him.

My husband never wanted to get married. He had constructed his future plans.

When we met and started knowing each other, he had told me that he had decided that he did not wish to get married , and wanted to stay single all his life.

His parents and relatives had tried their luck to make him get married but he was very adamant.

All had made up their minds that he would never get married.

As I was very keen on marriage, he gave up all his wishes and plans to fulfil my wish of being married.

It takes a lot of guts and efforts to give up our wishes and do something for others.

I am so grateful to my husband for being so generous.


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I am a “Taurus’’ and my husband is a “Scorpio”.

(Need I say more !! hihihi)

We both are headstrong and give it all to prove our point. Which leads to arguments and fights.

I think with my emotional side and my husband thinks logically.

We both have learnt to be patient with each other and try to understand each other’s viewpoints and ways of thinking.

With patience, the “arguments’’ become “discussions”. 

By discussing our thoughts, we have tried to make correct decisions without being judgmental.


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“Honesty is the best policy.’’

Through discussions and fights (of course) we realized that we have different strengths and weaknesses.

With time we have become open about our weaknesses.

My weakness is to overthink and be stressed for no reason.( Which makes my husband go crazy.)

He has taught me to “let go’’ of things and be calmer.

Sincerity is has taught us to be more open about expressing our thoughts, our strengths and our weaknesses.

Sincerity has helped us overcome our weaknesses and be each other’s support. It has strengthened our relationship.

These are the 5 values that my first anniversary has taught me.

Do share your marriage experiences and values in the comments section.


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