My Pawna Lake Tent Camping Experience

I had never done any camping before. I wanted to explore the adventures of camping. So, I started searching for camping places near Pune (Maharashtra, India).  

 I booked my ‘Pawna Lake Camping’ – with the “Pawnatents” organizer. The camping timings were 4 PM to 11 AM (the next day).

Sharing the link of the the camping tent :

Pawna Lake is near Lonavala, away from the hustle-bustle of the city. It is about 2 hours’ journey from my house. We began from our house at 2 PM, as the check-in time at Pawna Lake Camping spot was 4:00 PM.

My husband and I were excited to explore this experience.

We went on our bike. When we reached the outskirts of the city, the scenic view of nature began. It was beautiful. Even when it was late afternoon, we could feel the soothing breeze hitting us.

When we were nearing our destination, like most “happily married couple”, we argued. Which turned into a verbal fight.  

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Like most wives, I too was about to win the argument. But, we reached our destination.

When we reached our camping spot, the view was breathtaking! Which made us forget our arguments and we started admiring the beauty around us.

The open land, for tent camping, facing the serene Pawna Lake. The Sahyadri mountains at the backdrop, adding beauty to the scenic view.

We were served tea and onion pakodas as welcome snacks. It was tasty! 

After snacks, my husband and I went near the lake. We dipped our feet into the water. It felt relaxing and peaceful. 

We roamed around the lake and admired the pleasant view. We clicked a few pictures for our memories and this blog. 

It was around 6 PM, the sun, was slowly drowning into the lake. The sunset had added shades of orange and pink to the sky.

As the day darkened, we got near the tent area. Behind this area, there was a little garden with swings and a play area for children. I sat on the swing and admired the sky changing its colours.

The tent area was decorated with fairy lights. The organizers had arranged for games like chess, carom boards and archery. We played these games under the twinkling night sky. 

Around, 8:30 PM, we were served BBQ. We had taken the vegetarian platter. We had marinated paneer with assorted veggies with tasty spicy green chutney.

As we were having our starters, the organizers had arranged a small bonfire in the centre of the camping area. 

Lighted Bonfire Photography

Music systems were also put up. We could see other visitors singing and dancing around the bonfire.

We had our dinner around 9:30 PM. We had paneer sabzi, chapatti, dal-tadka, steamed rice, salad, and 2 small balls of gulab jabun (sweet).

The camping area was getting cold with each passing moment. So we went into our tents. The tent was set up with mattresses and blankets.

Sleeping inside the tent, was a new experience for me. My tent was amidst the beautiful landscape with a lake view from the tent window, it was an amazing feeling. 

My husband and I woke up early, to see the sunrise from behind the Sahyadri mountains. It was a magnificent view!

We went to the edge of the lake and sat on one of the rocks. It was silent, relaxing and calming. 

We were served tea and poha for breakfast. We roamed around the camping area and clicked a few pictures more.

As the sun was rising, it was getting hotter. So, we decided to start our journey back home with beautiful memories. 

This travel experience made me reunite with nature. 


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