5 simple ways from being Uncertain to Curious

As humans, we crave for “security” and “certainty”. 

“Uncertainty” gives rise to fears.

Uncertainty, during this COVID situation has increased. There is uncertainty about the economy and employment, which eventually, affects the physical body and psychological mind.

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We all want to feel secure and safe and so we find ways to control our lives and our well-being.

Uncertain things that take place in our lives gives rise to fret, anxiousness and helplessness.

Fear of uncertainty, causes you to consider lots of “what-ifs?”

Few things about our lives are constant or totally certain, and while we’ve control over many things, we can’t control everything that happens to us.

Uncertainty, just like the COVID situation , where we’ve got to follow the “lockdown rules” globally, has caused an enormous change.

The coronavirus, a virulent disease that we cannot even see, has affected our lives in such a large way. Our lives have changed very quickly and really randomly.

The fear of uncertainty, like

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When will the lockdown get over?

What will I do the whole day at home?

When will the pandemic end?

When will life ever return to normal?

This fear of uncertainty, makes us think or predict about the long run and horrible shocks. These negative thoughts make us “worry” more.

Worrying makes us more anxious and target the negative aspects.

Worrying about the long-term aspects ruins the current life. Nerve-wracking thoughts will even spoil the items you’ll be able to control.

You can’t control the uncontrollable events or uncertainties in life, but with negative thoughts the items you can control also wont be in control.

Many people within the fear of uncertainty during this COVID times have developed fears of uncertainty and a few have started getting into the psychological state of depression.

Fear of uncertainty can clog your thought process and take you into a drain of negativity.

Fear of uncertainty develops depression, anxiety, tension and stress. It doesn’t allow you to consider the current life.

The person going through this fear of uncertainty is additionally affecting the people around them, due to their psychological state and mood swings.

All bear this fear of uncertainty, but the extent of thought and the focus given into this fear determines the level of the mental state.

It is up to us to choose the way to overcome this fear by facing the uncertainties by securing our lives.

We can follow these 5 simple ways from being Uncertain to Curious –

  • Taking care of ourselves and the people around us by maintaining proper hygiene.
    • Washing hands regularly and wear a mask when going out.
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  • Taking up meditation and yoga which can provide you with calmness and positivity.
    • Deep breathing and a few easy yoga postures will develop your focus levals and reduce the anxiety levels.
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  • Practice being grateful – by writing down 5 belongings you are grateful for every day.
    • Think of latest reasons to be grateful – Count your blessings)
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  • Start a hobby you which you couldn’t thanks to less time. It may be as simple as doodling or colouring a book.
    • This will help you relax and increase the happiness quotient.
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  • Eat healthy food – invest your time in learning new salad recipes.
    • Fresh food made with love is always tasty and healthy.
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Life is a cycle of good and bad events . If life is the bad phase (dark now – night) remember that dawn (light – day), the good phase of life is near by .

Turn your uncertainty into positive curiosity. A coin has two sides so does uncertainties.

Curiosity to know what positive opportunities the uncertainties have within them. This will help you channelize the mind and therefore the body into positivity and hope.

Stay positive to keep your mind and body healthy!

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