5 lessons which I have learnt about life

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Life is a wonderful journey. Each one has its own journey of ups and downs. 

We can learn and understand others’ lives but need to have our own experiences

I have learnt some lessons about life, from my life and from the people around me. 

I have tried to summarize it into the 5 most important points. Here we go:-

1.“To-Do List” 

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Our life on earth is limited. You never know which could be your last breath. Time is precious indeed.

To use time wisely, I maintain a “To-Do List” book. I jot down the things I want to do and plan to achieve them. 

The more I strike out the things, it gives me confidence and pushes me to achieve more.

“Getting my nose pierced’’ was one of the things on my “To-Do List.’’

I was scared to do it, as my skin is sensitive. 

I searched online, for all the latest nose ring designs. This got the excitement to wear them. 

One day, I got the courage (a bit nervous too) to go and pierce my nose. When I finally did it, I realized that it wasn’t that painful.

Striking off nose piercing from the “To-Do List” was a booster.

So invest your time wisely and make your “To-Do List” to achieve your goals.

2. “Let it go”

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It is very easy to say “Let it go”. But, the person who is in that situation knows better. Each one of us has been in such a situation.

But, when I started writing down my “To-Do List”, I realized that it’s better to focus on how to achieve the goal, rather than be troubled in the situation at that moment. 

My past experiences have taught me that I worried about things a lot and used to get tensed about them. Which spoilt my mood and I also wasted my time overthinking situations.

But, the future me, realizes that if I had the “let it go” attitude, I could have looked at the bigger picture, which is “peace of mind.’’

Let it go …. as it doesn’t matter in the end.

3. “Coram Deo” – 

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It is a Latin word. I came across this word, in the newspaper. It said that this is one of the Latin words used in the English language too.

Coram Deo means “in the presence of God”. So, you are never alone. God is always there with you. So don’t worry you have your best friend, your God (supreme power) with you.

I exist, so I know the universe(surroundings).

If I don’t exist, there will be no universe (surrounding) for me to experience. 

I believe that I am a part of the universe. 

As I am part of the universe, I feel I need to give something back to the universe. 

I am an English teacher by profession. I feel by sharing my knowledge with the students, who are our future generation, I am doing my bit of offering to the universe. (surroundings).

Never feel left out or alone, because you are always in the presence of God.

4. Health is wealth

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One thing that will always remain with you is your body……from birth to death.

If your body is fit and healthy, the freshness and energy automatically transcend into your surroundings.

Eating a proper balanced diet and exercising for a few minutes is all that the body needs.

I love dancing, so I play my favourite peppy songs and dance, which is my sort of exercise.

I always used to say this prayer as a child:

“Oh God, keep me healthy, wealthy and wise.”

5. Travel – Explore the world

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I am blessed to be born in India.

Each place has its own food, culture and traditions. India defines “unity in diversity”. 

I feel the whole world is of diverse cultures, colours, races, food and beliefs, but we all are one. 

Travelling exposes me to nature and people from all walks of life.

Travelling helps to interact and meet different people. 

Through travelling, I have come to know the different lifestyles of the people. This has broadened my thought process and made me feel grateful for all the things I have received in life.

Each one of us has a different journey of life but,

we all want love and happiness in the end.

These 5 lessons which I have learnt about life are simple but very effective!

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