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Happy Krishna Janmashtami : 10 Beautiful and Powerful Lessons to Learn.

happy krishna janmashtami
Happy Krishna Janmashtami


Lord Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu, is revered as a supreme deity by many Hindu communities.

His illustrious life is not just a part of mythology but a source of timeless wisdom.

From his birth in a small village to his role as a divine hero, Lord Krishna’s life offers valuable lessons for those struggling with their own journeys.

Let’s delve into the teachings we can draw from his extraordinary life.

Happy Krishna Janmashtami: 10 Lessons:-

happy krishna janmashtami
Happy Krishna Janmashtami

1. Be Calm & Composed:

Lord Krishna’s life began with simplicity, and he remained neutral whether in a simple or princely life.

His lesson is clear: embrace life’s fluctuations, be content with what you have, and accept everything as a blessing.

happy krishna janmashtami

2. Never Give Up What You Love:

Krishna’s passion for music never waned, even amid his many commitments.

This teaches us to prioritize our hobbies and passions, no matter how busy life gets.

happy krishna janmashtami
Happy Krishna Janmashtami

3. Be a True Friend:

Lord Krishna valued and cherished friendships, showing us the importance of genuine relationships and true friendship.

His empathy towards Sudama exemplifies this.

happy krishna janmashtami
Happy Krishna Janmashtami

4. Be Humble & Generous:

Despite his divine status, Krishna remained humble, even becoming a charioteer during the Kurukshetra war.

His humility and generosity serve as an example for us to cultivate meaningful relationships and give back to others.

happy krishna janmashtami
Happy Krishna Janmashtami

5. Own Up to Mistakes

Krishna’s ability to diffuse anger through charm teaches us the power of owning up to our mistakes and approaching them with a positive attitude.

Happy Krishna Janmashtami
Happy Krishna Janmashtami

6. Don’t Look Down on Yourself:

Krishna’s dark skin defied societal beauty norms, reminding us to embrace our uniqueness and not let others’ judgments affect our self-esteem.

happy krishna janmashtami

7. Create Your Demand by Limiting Your Availability:

Krishna’s ability to create demand by limiting his availability can be applied to our lives. We can learn to value ourselves in professional settings, promoting a sense of belonging.

This is why most branded items have limited editions.

happy krishna janmashtami

8. Be a Feminist When You Need to Be:

Krishna’s defence of Draupadi’s dignity showcases the importance of standing up for women’s rights and the need to protect the dignity of all individuals.

happy krishna janmashtami

9. Don’t Be a Hero When You Don’t Need to Be:

Krishna’s wisdom in avoiding needless conflicts, even if it meant appearing as if he fled the battlefield, demonstrates the value of sensible decision-making over ego-driven actions.

happy krishna janmashtami

10. Take Responsibility

Krishna’s unwavering commitment to his parents, even at the risk of his own life, reminds us of the importance of fulfilling our duties and responsibilities to our loved ones.

happy krishna janmashtami

In Conclusion:

Lord Krishna’s life is a treasure trove of wisdom, offering guidance on living a balanced, meaningful, and compassionate life.

By imbibing these lessons, we can navigate the complexities of our own journeys with grace and wisdom, just as Lord Krishna did in his divine existence.

/2022/04/22/5-elements-of-nature-for-a-happy-and-peaceful-you/: Happy Krishna Janmashtami : 10 Beautiful and Powerful Lessons to Learn.
happy krishna janmashtami

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