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Cloud: 5 Beautiful Spiritual Signs in the Clouds.


Introduction: Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Nowadays, we use the sign of the clouds to represent storage banks. You can store your data using your internet and download any data whenever you wish, and store it in the Cloud system.

In ancient times, CLOUD was known as the “Home of the Gods”. Clouds were and are considered the divine spiritual signs of the universe.

These Clouds are a set of gods’ messages. The universe would form clouds to give divine messages. The colour and shapes of the clouds would mean a certain sign from the universe.

In Christianity, the deities are said to be residing among the clouds. When the cloud is bright, it represents the bright seats of the divine energies. When God came down to talk to Moses; he chose to come under the cover of clouds. The Lord filled the tent with clouds, after getting the tablets and building the tabernacle.


Amazing Clouds

The clouds in the sky come in different forms in terms of colours and sizes. The clouds look like the gateway to the heavenly realms. Some believe that it is the home of the guardian angels. So clouds, are spiritual signs from the universe.

As clouds produce water which is an emblem of purity, hence clouds are considered a symbol of clarity and purity.

They are also made up of air. Fluffy clouds represent one’s emotional state of mind. So clouds are considered as intelligence and ideas, which will come from emotional purity and clear thinking.

Cloud and their Meanings 

1. Grey Clouds


The rough period in your life is getting over.

Like the sun always shines after the rains, better times are about to start.

So be patient and get ready to receive good news from the Universe.

2. White Clouds


White fluffy clouds represent certainty and stability.

The bright and white clouds signify that there is nothing to worry about. The news that you are waiting for is coming soon.

So, be positive, and believe that something good will happen soon in your life.

3. Rolling Clouds


If you see clouds rolling at a fast pace, it signifies that you are lost in your thoughts.

Clouds moving too fast represent that you are moving too fast in life. You need to slow down and plan your life well to achieve your life goals.

Once you get a clear direction in life, you will be able to see the opportunities entering your life.

4. Angel-shaped Clouds


If you see forms of angels in the clouds, it signifies that spiritual insights and guidance are coming towards you.

So be ready to receive by paying extra attention to your intuition and insights.

Practising yoga and meditation will help enhance your power to receive divine blessings.

5. People-shaped Clouds


If you see the shape of a person in the clouds, it indicates that you should tap into your inner self, which will help you to be independent in life.

If you see forms of two people in the clouds, then it means that there will be a happy union, an engagement or a marriage proposal coming into your life.

If you see forms of three or more people in the clouds, that means you will be a part of grand events, social gatherings and/or family celebrations.


In Conclusion

Cloud gazing is also one of the best ways to connect with Nature.

Cloud gazing will not only help you explore your imagination and creativity but will also help you receive spiritual guidance, which will help you find your true path in life.


Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

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