5 Qualities of Aarti Patil Madam : SVIS Principal.

SVIS, Sadhu Vaswani International School, Moshi, Pradhikaran, is a huge school.

SVIS is spread over 4 acres of space. From a swimming pool to a well–equipped auditorium, all facilities are available in this school.

And to manage a school like this, you require a principal like, Ms Aarti Patil.

In August 2018, I went to SVIS to apply for the post of a teacher. That’s when I first met her.

She was sitting in her cabin. She was extremely humble and polite. She made me feel comfortable.

When you see her, the first 2 things you will notice about her – Simplicity and Elegance.

After working in SVIS school for 4 years, I have learnt from Aarti Patil ma’am that,

Simplicity is true beauty and true power.

In 4 years, I have seen the school grow. Which even included Aarti ma’am’s cabin changing every time the school grew a little.

Aarti Ma’am has worked in the teaching sector for the past 26 years. I feel incredibly blessed to work as a teacher under her guidance and constant support.

In these 4 years of working with Aarti ma’am, I have learnt these 5 qualities from her.

5 Qualities of Aarti Patil Madam are:

1. Highly Organized

Aarti Ma’am with her parents.

“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.”

— Benjamin Franklin.

Being organized is really important in a huge school like SVIS.

I have always seen Aarti ma’am writing down points in her diary. Whenever a teacher goes to her to discuss something, she quickly writes it down. And there are 100 teachers in the school!!!

But each teacher’s suggestion is looked into by her. She has always encouraged teachers to do something new, to make the teaching-learning process more effective.

She even knows the arrangement of the water pipelines and the electrical lines of the whole school.

The arrangement of classrooms, as per the grades and divisions, needs a lot of thought and also requires knowledge of the school layout.

She even plans the school activities based on the areas that will help the event to be a success. This is pure planning and high levels of organisational skills.

With the school increasing each year, we as teachers never felt the load, as Aarti ma’am was so well organized.

From, which gate the students will enter, to which gate the students will leave for home, is planned.

Good order is the foundation of all things.

-Edmund Burke

2. Punctuality

“That man who is regular and punctual will get sure success in all walks of life.” ― Sivananda Saraswati.

The school log-in time is 7.45 AM for the teachers. And she is always before time in her cabin.

She even has to attend events organized by Sadhu Vaswani Mission. So, she goes to the mission after school. The events in the mission usually get over late in the evening.

There are times when Aarti ma’am has reached home late, but the next day she is always on time for school.

As she is well-organized, she even schedules the timings for her meetings.

Aarti Ma’am with her Nephews and Nieces

Our school calendar is planned way in advance. Aarti ma’am starts planning the calendar at least 3 months before June (the academic year start).

I am very sure she must have already gathered some ideas and thoughts for the 2023-2024 school calendar, based on what worked well this year and what needed improvement.

Preparing an academic calendar, looking at the preparation of timetables

for each class and looking into the preparation of time table of 100 teachers, needs a lot of time management.

And this makes the school work smoothly from June to April. This is because of Aarti ma’am’s punctuality and sheer dedication towards her work.

“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”

– Lord Chesterfield

3. Dedicated

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” – Beverly Sills

As Aarti ma’am is highly organized, she knows each student in the school well. She even knows the parents well.

To know every aspect of the school in detail needs pure dedication.

She has inspired us to always come up with something unique in our “SVIS Exhibition Area”.

Each “Exhibition “conducted in our school shows the dedication and hard work put in by the children and the teachers. And behind every exhibition, there are countless discussions with Aarti ma’am.

She always encourages teachers and students to think out of the box, and the “SVIS Exhibition” area, really proves that –

Actions speak louder than words.

SVIS Exhibition Area

Each theme of the Exhibition is planned 2 months in advance.

Clarity on themes to choose and what sub-topics to choose, needs a lot of planning and dedication.

Aarti ma’am’s dedication has helped the school achieve high-quality results, complete the set goals and execute the day-to-day strategies to stay motivated during the workday.

Her dedication inspires me to strive for the best in whatever work I do.

“Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” – Thomas A. Edison

4. Hard worker

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work. – Colin Powell

Hard work is the willingness to learn and to find new ways to grow within the given challenges.

During the pandemic, for 2 years, SVIS shifted to an online mode of teaching. We started using the PRISMS software for online teaching.

Aarti ma’am contacted the PRISMS software people and got clarity on the software and the way it would help in the teaching-learning process in the long run.

She organized teacher sessions on zoom to help us learn and understand the software functions well, which was very beneficial for all the teachers, as it was an entirely new way of teaching.

Recently in October 2022, SVIS even installed Promethean TV Display panels, which is the digitalized mode of education.

Aarti ma’am is aware of the situations and changing times, which makes her quickly adapt to new ideas and technologies. To be aware of your surroundings and to implement the latest concepts in the field of education needs hard work.

She is a hard-working person, who focuses on growth, knowledge, and experience in the field of Education.

Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success.

– Virat Kohli

5. Traveler

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” ~ Saint Augustine

Whenever Aarti ma’am gets time, mostly during school vacations, she always travels to new a place in India and/or abroad. She has visited many countries and always plans her trips in advance.

Each place has its own food, culture and traditions. The whole world is of diverse cultures, colours, races, food and beliefs, but we all are one.

Travelling exposes us to nature and people from all walks of life. Travelling helps to interact and meet different people.

As Aarti ma’am has travelled a lot, she knows a lot about geography and history and the different lifestyles of the people.

Looking at her, I too have started planning my vacations by going to different places and exploring nature.

As they say: Nature is the best teacher.

When she is back from her trip, she looks fully recharged to take the SVIS school to a new dimension every year.

Great Things Never Came from Comfort Zones.

– Ben Francia.

SVIS Auditorium

I feel extremely blessed and grateful to get an opportunity to work at SVIS.

I feel blessed that I could be a drop in the ocean, in Sadhu Vaswani’s Mission, to cultivate the young minds of our students.

All this was possible because of Aarti Ma’am who gave me an opportunity to teach in SVIS.

I will try my best to imbibe these 5 qualities of Aarti ma’am, to be a simple yet powerful human being like her.

Dada Shyam.


  1. Hi. Am Sulabha, Aarti Mam’s elder sister. You have very well expressed her qualities. Really she is an awesome example even for we all family members also. We are very proud that she is our younger sister.

    Thanks for such an awesome write up 👍🎉

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