Navratri : Day 7 – The Fearless and Powerful Goddess Kaalratri

Saptami is the seventh day of the Navratri.

The seventh day is dedicated to worship Goddess Kaalratri.

Goddess Kaalratri is known as the most ferocious form of Goddess Durga.

Goddess Parvati had removed her fair skin to kill the demons Sumbha and Nisumbha, hence she looks fierce.

This Goddess appears wearing tiger skin with a lot of rage in her fiery eyes and her skin has turned black in colour.

Kalaratri is the goddess of time and death. Time – relentless, all-consuming and indomitable.

Everything in creation falls a prey to Time. Time is the only killer!

All of us fear Death in its aspect of Time, so Kali’s form is frightening to behold.

It is meant to intimidate those who are not ready to accept the fact that life is a coin with two sides – birth and death, good and evil!

Today, contemplate on the fact that every fleeting moment is an experience of birth and death.

With every passing moment, be aware of the great power of Maha Maya, who takes care of everything and pray to her to reveal herself and her Shakti to you! 🔱

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