Number 9 is your Happy Number.

Number 9

Birthdates on: 9th, 18th, 27th dates of any month.

Number 9 is associated with the planet Mangal or Mars.

Lucky day: Tuesday. (Mangalwar)

Number 9 is a sign of “Humanity”.

Number 9 energy is “Heart of Compassion and Empathy”.

Number 9 people are humanitarian and philanthropists by nature. Sharing things and working with people is their source of happiness.

Number 9 is associated with leadership, perfection, charity, public relations, teamwork, inner wisdom, discretion, forgiveness, helpfulness, creativity and completeness.

Number 9 is the last digit, as number 10 becomes number 1.

10 = 1 + 0=1

Number 9 also signifies “Completeness”.

Number 9 people like going out of their way to help and work with others for the betterment of everyone. So, number 9 is also called a “Selfless Number”. 

Number 9 energy resonates with “Purpose of Life” which is all about “Spiritual Enlightenment”.

Number 9 is also associated with a few negative aspects like arrogance, ego and self-pity.

Number 9 people should “Trust their Strengths”, then only they will be able to “Share their Wisdom” with others so that all can move towards their “Purpose of Life”.

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