Number 8 is your Happy Number.

Number 8

Birthdates on: 8th, 17th, 26th of any month.

Number 8 is associated with the planet Shani or Saturn.

Lucky day: Saturday (Shaniwar)

Number 8 is a sign of “Manifestation” and “Infinity”.

Number 8 energy signifies “Hard Work”, “Karma” and “Motivation”.

Number 8 signifies practical thinking, orderly behaviour, efficiency and stubbornness.

Number 8 people are highly skilled and have materialistic attitudes towards life in general.

Number 8 people think about profits and pleasures before every work they do. Hence, these people are usually choosing careers which are in Business and Commerce related fields.

Number 8 energy vibrates with wealth, prosperity, success, management and self-confidence.

Number 8 energy is related to the universal principle of “Karma”. Hence, Number 8 is also called the “Number of Law and Order”.

number 8 is an “Infinity Number” which is a very powerful and dominant number. Number 8 people can do whatever it takes to get their things done.

Number 8 consists of certain negative energies like demanding, superiority complex, snarky, and greedy.

Number 8 people should purge their negative attitudes and think of doing things positively, so that “Karma” is always on their side.