Your Fire Shines like the Diamond.

When you hear the word “FIRE”, what is the first emotion or thought that comes to your mind?

“Fire” is usually associated with “Danger”.

And, fire is also associated with cooking. We can consume cooked and warm food because of fire.

Fire: the element of Nature

Our human body is composed of 5 Elements of Nature:

Water – 72%

Earth – 12%

Air –  6%

Fire – 4%

Ether (Space). – Rest is space – it increases and decreases as per your Spiritual growth.

The percentages of the first four elements remain constant but the percentage of Ether/ Space can be increased through spiritual practices.

Though “Fire” has the smallest proportion in the composition of the human body, its influence is tremendous.

These 5 elements are also known as the “Panch Mahabhoota.” They help us in understanding the “Laws of Nature” better.

These “5 elements” signify a “State of Matter in Nature”.

•     Solid state is classified as the “Earth” element.

•     Water is everything that is in the liquid state.

•     Air is the gaseous state.

•     Fire transforms one state of matter into another state.

•     Ether or space is the base of advanced spiritual understandings and hence is also known as the “Mother of the other 4 elements”.

Sun and Fire

The element fire evolves from the elements “Ether” and “Air”.

•     Ether provides fire with the space to exist.

•     Air offers fire the ability to burn. Fire will never be still because of the “air” element.

 “Fire” symbolizes “Life”.

One major indicator of whether you are “ALIVE” is if the fire within you is still on.

Life on Earth is possible because of “Solar Energy” which is essentially fire. A huge ball of fire, the Sun, is the main source of fuel for our lives.

Any machine generates heat when it is in use. Electricity, petrol, wood, and coal are all forms of fire that let any machine run. Our body too in a machine which is working because of the fuel called “Fire”.

Agni or Fire God

Fire element qualities are hot, sharp, clear, light, dry, rough, subtle, flowing, and soft.

In India, the element of fire is worshipped as “Agni Deva”.

Agni or fire god is depicted as having two faces and rides on a fiery ram.

The two faces represent that fire is a life-giver as well as a life taker.

Fire burning within us is life. When it burns our whole body, it is called cremation or life burner/taker.

5 Types of Fire in our body as per Ayurveda

  • Pachaka Agni/ Fire – The fire used by our body to digest food.
  • Sadhaka Agni/ Fire –  The fire that ignites the intellect, digest ideas and allows understanding.
  • Alocaka Agni/ Fire – The fire of perception that digests visual impressions into familiar or recognizable images.
  • Ranjaka Agni/ Fire – The fire that energizes and refreshes the body.
  • Bhrajaka Agni/ Fire – The fire helps us associate with touch and sunlight. This fire is responsible for radiant and healthy skin.

Fire and Human Body

The fire that is present in our body is usually observed to be mixed with water. This is because fire has a destructive quality too.

Fire mixed with a small amount of water in our body helps keep the tissues safe from burns.

When the fire element is in the right proportion, you will see that the eyes shine brightly and the lustre of the skin is radiant. The mind too becomes sharper and more focused because the intellect strengthens.

Excess fire elements in the human body builds-up heat.

When there is excess heat in the body, the body tries to eliminate this heat by sweating and increasing the process of urination.

The excess heat causes red rashes on the skin, you will see bloodshot near the edges of the eyes, the mind will become too intense and the tissues to become inflamed.

On the other hand, when there is a lack of fire element in the human body the body looks and feels cold.

A lack of fire in the body results in a loss of lustre in the skin and the skin colour turns grey or pale. The overall body metabolism slows down. Hence, the food doesn’t get digested properly. It also becomes difficult for the mind to digest new information. As the body tries to hold on to too little heat available, there is a decline in the process of sweating, urination, and bowel elimination.  

Make sure that you keep your “FIRE” in check by maintaining

a diet that is cooler and less spicy and

spend some time near “WATER”.

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