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21st Century is dedicated to the rapidly growing phase of “Social Media”.
As every person, has a mobile, “Social Media” is just available at a click of a button.
Nowadays, you can download applications on your mobile easily.
How do you know that the download is completed?
The maximum percentage, that is 100 %, is the number used to signify that the download is complete.
Even the maximum percentage – 100 % is the sign used to show that your mobile, laptop and any other charging device, is fully charged.
In countries like India, Greece, Israel and Nepal “100” is the police telephone number.
In Belgium, the ambulance and firefighter telephone number is 100.

The number 100 is associated with all the fields of life.

Number 100 and Maths

As the notational system for numbers is a decimal system, which has 10 as the base, the Number 100 becomes important. Number 100 is a round number and holds the hint of perfection.
The Western calendar is also designed with the help of the number 100. The Western calendar is divided into:
Decades – 10 years
Century – 100 years
Millennium – 1,000 years.
The century, that is, 100 years is the most important unit. “Century” is used to establish a broad historical period.

Number 100 and Money

Most of the currencies around the world are divided into 100 subunits.
1 Rupee is 100 Paise.
1 Euro is 100 Cents

Euro Is One Of Higher Value

100 Euro notes have a picture of a Rococo gateway on the front side of the notes, and a Baroque bridge on the reverse side of the notes.

The U.S. 100 Dollar bill has Benjamin Franklin’s picture.
“Benjamin” is the largest American bill in print.

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American savings bonds of 100 Dollars have Thomas Jefferson’s picture.

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America’s 100 Dollars treasury bonds have Andrew Jackson’s picture.

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In India, the current 100 Rupee banknotes are a part of the Mahatma Gandhi Series.
The Lion Capital Series of banknotes made in the year 1998, is replaced by Mahatma Gandhi Series.

The old 100 rupee notes are also used in circulation along with the Mahatma Gandhi New Series of banknotes.
The new series of Mahatma Gandhi banknotes were introduced in July 2018.

Number 100 And Sports

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In the game of cricket, scoring 100 runs is called “a century”. It is a sign that the batsman has played well.
And to be out on 99 runs is considered a major failure.
A batsman scoring a half-century – 50 runs is also a sign of good play, and getting out at 49 is undesirable.
An American football field (not including the end zones) is 100 yards.
100 points are considered a significant milestone in the game of snooker. 100 points are required for a snooker player to score a century break.
A race walking event is a 100-kilometre walk.

Number 100 and Science:

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  • Atomic Number

The actinide or actinoid series consists of 15 metallic chemical elements with atomic numbers starting from 89 to 103.
The actinide series starts from the element, Actinium ( Atomic Number – 89) and ends with the element, Lawrencium ( Atomic Number – 103 ).

The name “Actinide Series” was derived from Actinium, the first element in the series.
An actinide series and the last of the heavy metals are created through neutron bombardment.

100 is the atomic number of Fermium.
This element is also a member of the actinide group of the periodic table of elements.
Fermium is a radioactive element.
Fermium does not exist naturally on Earth.
Earlier, Fermium elements had been produced in natural reactor deposits.
The annual world production of Fermium element is probably less than a millionth of a gram.

Till now, the Fermium element is not produced enough, hence its chemical properties are not known.
But as per the predictions, the Fermium element is believed to be a silvery metal, that will be susceptible to attack by air, steam and acids.
Fermium element does not have any commercial uses yet, hence it is not produced.
But there are predictions made that one day, the Fermium element might be of some use in the field of medicine.

  • Celsius Scale

Water is an essential human need.
Each human being on this Earth needs water a day for drinking and cooking and for simply keeping themselves clean.

100 degrees on the Celsius scale, is the boiling temperature of pure water at sea level.
When the temperature is below 0 °C, we use the minus sign (-) to show that the temperature is cold. Water will start freezing, it will become ice.
Water will be ice below 0 °C, water will be in the liquid state from 1 to 99 °C, and steam or turns to water vapour from 100 °C upwards.

  • The Kármán line
The layers of the atmosphere The layers of the earth's atmosphere and the Karman line which separates the atmosphere from outer space karman line stock illustrations

The Kármán line is at an altitude of 100 kilometres above the Earth’s sea level.
The Kármán line is also called the “Von Kármán line”, named after Theodore von Kármán.
Theodore von Kármán (1881–1963), was a Hungarian American engineer and physicist. He was working in the field of aeronautics and astronautics. In 1957, he was the first person to derive such an altitude limit.
A boundary between the Earth’s atmosphere and outer space is defined by the Kármán line.
The Kármán line has a specific definition set by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale (FAI).

The Karman line separating the atmosphere from outer space The layers of the earth's atmosphere and the Karman line which separates the atmosphere from outer space karman line stock illustrations

FAI is an international record-keeping body for aeronautics.
Defining the edge of space is vital for legal and regulatory purposes.
spacecraft and Aircraft come under different jurisdictions and are subject to different treaties. So, defining the edge of space and the Kármán line becomes very important.
The FAI states that the Kármán line begins from 100 kilometres, which is 54 nautical miles, 62 miles and 330,000 feet, above the Earth’s mean sea level.
Most of the experts do not agree with this, because where the atmosphere ends and space begins is not known yet.
But most regulatory agencies, including the United Nations, agree with the FAI Kármán line definition or something close to it.

Number 100 and Religion


In the service of Rosh Hashana, the Jewish New Year, there are 100 blasts of the Shofar. A religious Jew is expected to complete at least 100 blessings daily.

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In the Hindu epic of the Mahabharata, the blind king, Dhritarashtra had 100 sons. The 100 sons were known as the “Kauravas “.
The blind king of Hastinapur, Dhritarashtra was married to Gandhari.
Gandhari took a promise that she will too share the darkness that her husband lived in. So, she wrapped a cloth over her eyes after her marriage.

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Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa / Veda Vyasa

One time, a sage named, Krishna Dwaipayana Vyasa, had come to visit Gandhari in Hastinapur.
She took care of this great saint very nicely. She saw to it that the sage had a pleasant stay in Hastinapur.
The saint was pleased with Gandhari’s hospitality and granted her a boon.
Gandhari wished to have 100 sons who would be as strong as her husband. Dwaipayan Vyasa granted her this boon.
In due course of time, Gandhari became pregnant. But two years passed by and still the baby was not born.
After being pregnant for 2 years, Gandhari gave birth to a hard piece of lifeless flesh. This flesh did not look like a baby at all.
Gandhari was shattered as she had thought that the blessings of Rishi Vyasa will be fulfilled.
She was just about to throw away the piece of flesh when Rishi Vyasa suddenly appeared in front of her and told Gandhari to arrange for 100 jars to be filled with ghee. He cut the piece of flesh into 100 pieces and placed them inside the 100 jars.
These 100 pieces of flesh, developed into 100 hundred sons, that she had so desired.
The 100 sons of Gandhari, were known as “Kauravas”.

Number 100 is an Angel Number

woman wearing white angel wings

The Number 100 is said to be an Angel Number.

The Number 100 has the energies and vibrations of two angel numbers, 1 and 0.

The number 0 appears twice in the number 100, thereby combining its larger effect on the angel number 100 as a whole.

Number 1 vibrates with new beginnings, starting points, self-reliance, growth, fresh starts.

Number 1 is also associated with development, action, leadership skills, motivation and fulfilment.

Number 0 is associated with “God Force “, you can also call it “Universal Energy”.

The Number 0, has the power to magnify the influence and meaning of the number it appears next to.

Number 0 also denotes intuition, spiritual growth, awareness, life choices, inner wisdom and spiritual awakening.
Number 0 helps a person to develop spiritually, to find all the answers to life’s burning questions.
From Number 1 and Number 0, we can now get a good idea of why Number 100 is considered as an Angel Number.

Angel number 100 is associated with insights, wisdom and intuition.
Hence, Number 100 helps in overcoming all the hurdles that come your way.
If you see Number 100 repeatedly, consider that you are being guided by the divine realm to bring your dreams to fruition.
Number 100 helps you to dive into your projects with optimism, confidence and faith. The guardian angels of Number 100 will make sure that you get your success.

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Number 100 also suggests that just because you have reached a milestone does not mean that you should end your journey there.
You should again set higher goals and aim for the skies. You should stay motivated and inspired to achieve more.
At the same time, do not forget the people who have helped you along the way.
Number 100 is a sign that wants to tell you to share your gifts and talents with the world. And once you do this, you will see that the world returns the favour by tenfolds.

Number 100 and Centenarian

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The term “Centenarian” is used to describe a person who has reached the age of 100 years.
As life expectancies worldwide are below 100 years, this term is associated with “Longevity or Long Life”.
In India, when you want to wish somebody well; we wish them “a hundred years of life” – “Sau Saal jiyo”.
There is a Hindi song – “Tum jio hazaro saal ye meri he aarzoo”. – I wish that you live for 100 years.
A study has said that, if your life expectancy is 100 years, then you will need a pension that is 50 per cent of your final salary. And you will have to save 10 per cent of your earnings each year.
People who wish to live for 100 years, must know that they are in for a long time, and so they have to make an early start arranging their finances.
A 100-year life span demands a constant review and readiness to change one’s work and one’s self. Because “change is the only constant”.

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Highlights of the Number 100
• Full marks given in examinations.
• A century is 100 years.
• In India, Greece, Israel and Nepal, 100 is the police telephone number.
• 100 is the ambulance and firefighter telephone number, in Belgium.
• A person who is 100 years old is known as a centenarian.

Number 100 is an Angel Number associated with insights, wisdom and intuition. Number 100 also suggests that just because you have reached a milestone does not mean that you should end your journey there.

So my blogging journey goes on !!!

Thank you all for your

love, support and motivation.


Remember to celebrate milestones as you

prepare for the road ahead. – Nelson Mandela.


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