5 Best Reasons for You to Start Blogging

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“Blogging” has garnered attention over a few years.

People blog because it benefits their personal and professional lives.

Here are the 5 Reasons that motivated me to be a blogger.

1. Develops Your Creativity

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Blogging allows you to express and boost your creativity.

A boring topic can be turned into an interesting and fun to read article.

Creative ideas like – using portraits, illustrations, examples, relating the topic to folktales or inspiring stories makes an article exciting.

Bloggers always need to use their creativity and out of the box thinking skills to develop a unique, interesting and innovative blog.

Custom themes, headers, layouts, designs, and pictures help express the viewpoint and personality of the blogger.

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2. Gain Knowledge

Blogs serve as a platform to articulate your ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

Blogs on all topics are available on the internet. Topics like cooking, politics, photography, travel experiences are interesting topics to read and to gain knowledge.

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Reading these blogs helps gain knowledge and gives you an idea about how the blogs are written, advertised, and promoted on different social media apps.

3. Improves Your Writing Skills

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The more you write, the more skilled you become at writing.

Practice makes a man perfect!

Most professional bloggers write regularly. They constantly analyse and proofread their writing.

Most bloggers ask for feedbacks and comments from their readers to help them become better writers.

Writing down your thoughts, experiences, fantasies or goals improves your writing skills and sharpens your brain’s performance.

Writing helps you connect your thoughts and ideas in a better and faster way.

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Whenever you choose a topic for your blog, use your experiences, thoughts and ideas as they are original, individualistic and personal. This makes the blog unique!

4. Improves communication skills

Writing is a type of communication that helps us put forth our thoughts and feelings to the world.

When you write you come across new ways of exhibiting your thoughts and ideas and connect the dots.

By using new words or phrases helps enhance your writing skills and are also an expressive way to write down your views clearly.

Writing exposes you to new words and phrases, it makes your writing interesting and impressive.

When you get into the habit of writing daily, many of your words, phrases, and sentences used in your writings will begin to find their way into your talks or verbal communication.

Having good communication skills will not only impress your listener but is also the most essential skill required in today’s corporate world.

Responding to the feedback and comments on your blog is also a form of communication. To keep the reader/ follower engaged with your blogs communication is very important.

5. Boosts your confidence levels

Blogs help you put forth your ideas and thoughts. This makes a blogger “find his/her true self”.

Bloggers are not afraid or shy to speak what they hold in their minds, and they feel less pressure to fit into the standard social norms.

Expressing your thoughts and ideas and getting likes and appreciation through feedback and comments increases a blogger’s confidence levels.

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Get started by creating

your personal blog and choosing a name for your blog.

And start articulating your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

Happy Blogging!


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