6 Kinds of Self – Care for a Happy You!!!

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Self-Care is not self-indulgence; it is self–preservation.   – Audre Lorde.

Self-care is not about being selfish or being self-indulgent.

Self-care is to take care of yourself in all arenas of life so that

  • you feel healthy,
  • you feel happy,
  • you feel like doing your job well,
  • you feel that you can help and care for others,
  • and you feel passionate and energetic to do all the things you wish to accomplish in the day.

Nowadays, we come across a lot of people facing problems like depression, stress and anxiety.

If we all maintain these 6 Types of Self-care Routines every day, we can overcome almost all problems and live a stress-free and happy life.

These 6 Kinds of Self -Care Routines can help all of us cope better with our daily stress.

Stress-related to work or stress related to keeping up with the pace of daily life makes our bodies and our lives imbalanced.

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Self-care is about maintaining and balancing your mind and your body to gain positivity and happiness.

Self – Care is that you are simply being mindful of your requirements. By maintaining your own needs, you will be better at supporting the people you care about.

When you maintain your Self – Care routine you feel more relaxed and are not stressed. When you can balance your life, you will be in a happy state of mind and would be able to meet the needs of others.

Self-care is following simple daily routines.

Even taking a deep breath when you notice you are becoming stressed is “Self- Care”.

By maintaining these 6 kinds of Self – care routines, you will feel better equipped to handling your stress levels and add positivity and happiness into your life.

Self-care comes in a variety of forms.

Here are my 6 Kinds of Self – Care for A Stress-free and a Happy You!!!

1.    Personal Self – Care

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Personal self-care will help you keep yourself feeling happy and healthy throughout the day.

Giving importance to your body needs and your hobbies is all about personal self -care.

Simple Personal self-care things to do daily like-

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Maintaining oral hygiene by brushing your teeth in the morning and at night.

Maintaining overall body hygiene by taking a bath every day.

Maintaining a clean and tidy space at home and your workplace.

Choose a day in a week to apply your face mask, painting your nails and dip your legs in warm water.

Doing things that you love – hobbies – like reading, painting, dancing can boost your happiness quotient and improve your creativity.

2.    Emotional Self- Care

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Emotional Self- Care helps you know and maintain your daily emotions or moods.

It will help you work with your negative emotions rather than having to battle them in your mind.

 Emotional intelligence is following an emotional self-care routine, that will help you regulate and get to know your emotions better.

Emotional Self-care routine includes –

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Maintaining a gratitude journal. This will bring positivity into your life and enhance your happy hormones.

Talking to loved ones about your feelings. This could be your friends, relatives, spouse and/or parents.

Setting boundaries so that you feel protected.

Emotional Self-care also includes the ability to say “No”, when you are not convinced to do what others want you to do.

Emotional Self -care is to not feel bad, feel guilty or get emotionally disturbed after saying ” No”.

Meditating 10 minutes every day will help you clear your mind and give you calmness.

3.    Social Self –Care

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We are social beings.

With so many social applications available online that can help you connect with your fellow humans to maintain a healthy social self-care regime.

Social Self- care routine like-

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Connecting with your loved ones often boosts the social and emotional part of your life.

Being active in communities you are interested in – like an art group, or a reading group can help you grow and be in touch with your hobby.

Listening or reading about positive empowering people on social media will enhance your knowledge and may help you learn some life skills!

Instagram and Facebook are good platforms to share your hobbies and get in touch with like-minded people, from all across the globe.

4.    Physical Self- Care

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Physical Self – care is the most important because if our body is healthy only then will we be able to attain or do other self-care activities.

Our health is very vital, so doing bits of physical self–care exercises will not only give you great benefits but plays a huge impact on your whole life.

Simple Physical Self – Care tasks like –

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Stretching in the morning.

Adding workouts into your weekly schedule.

Nourishing your body with all types of food components – Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins and Minerals.

Drinking enough water ( at least 10 glasses) during the day.

Adding walks or any physical activity into your daily routine.

5.    Financial Self–Care

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Money is essential to maintain our daily life activities.

Developing a self-care regime for your finances is a good way to stay on top of things.

A Financial Self –Care routine can help reduce stress and makes you aware of unwanted expenses.

Financial Self Care routine includes –

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Generating a monthly budget for yourself and your everyday household things.

Start to save a particular amount of money every month.

Maintaining a register/journal of your daily incomings and outcomings.

Investing in your goals, like taking up a course that can benefit you career-wise and financially.

6.    Spiritual Self–Care

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Spiritual Self- Care activities can help you feel more rooted within your belief system and feel more connected to your beliefs and your core inner strength.

This self–care routine will help your balance your mind, body and soul.

It will help you align your energies towards positivity, calmness, stability, strength and happiness.

 Simple Spiritual Self-care practices like-

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Praying or connecting to your God or the higher supreme source.

Spending time in nature by taking a stroll in your garden or a nearby park.

Meditating for a few minutes every day can boost your inner strength and relaxes your mind and your body.

Writing a Gratitude Journal can help you be grateful for the things you have. It helps you focus on positive things happening in your day to day life.


I hope that these 6 Self-Care Routines become a part of your life and make you feel happy and energized.

Self – Care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you. – Katie Reed.

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