5 ideas to add colour to your house!

painting of pink flower on dresser near white vase

Paintings can add colour to our homes and lives !!!

There is no place on Earth that is as comfortable as your house.

You can feel and experience at most comfort, happiness, relaxation and peace only in your own house.

We all have a “specific cosy and comfortable place” in our house. It could be the place you always choose while sitting on the sofa or a comfortable chair.

“Home Sweet Home” is a line that each one of us relates to.

We all like to change the look of our house.

yellow, orange, red, green, and blue abstract painting

The easiest way to change the look of the house is by adding colours.

Canvas Paintings are the best way to add colours to your house and enhance your home décor.

Painting is a colourful artform medium to express ideas and emotions.

Shapes, lines, colours, tones, and textures are the basic elements of the painting.

These elements are used in various ways to produce a “frame of mind” of space, movement, volume and light on a flat surface.

woman in red and white hijab sitting on brown wooden chair

These elements combine to form a beautiful painting.

Paintings are expressive visual art forms.

Canvas paintings can add colour in these 5 ways: –

1. Home décor

assorted-color paint strokes artwork

The first thing that comes to your mind, when you want to change your home’s interior decoration –  is colour!

You can add colour to your room by selecting colourful and interesting designs of wallpapers and paintings.

Yellow and Brown House Painting

Using a couple of good paintings as wall décor or showpieces will help you add colour to your rooms. It will even enhance the whole look of the house.

By having a keen eye for beauty and by looking into the symmetry aspect of the room, you can easily give a new look to your room.

2. As per Vastu

Did you know …, as per Vastu, a bare wall, especially at the Entrance, stands for negativity and loneliness?!!

Vastu paintings add positivity and peace to the house.

red, yellow, and blue abstract painting

Vastu Paintings are different for different rooms.

Vastu paintings are based on cardinal directions and ordinal directions.

Cardinal directions are East, West, North, South.

 Northeast, Southeast, Southwest and Northwest are the ordinal directions.

pink petaled flower digital wallpaper

As per Vastu, beautiful wall paintings put up on your home walls, is the most beautiful way of inviting peace and happiness into your house and your life.

With the help of Vastu knowledge, you can attract positive energies into your house.

If you know the wall direction and the suitable scene and colour of the painting, you are good to go!!!

Paintings and the 4 directions

Paintings for East wall

brown wooden framed painting of horses

Inspirational or motivational paintings like “the horses running” are considered best for the East direction wall.

Paintings for West wall

Paintings that depict nature – happy children or green forests are favourable for the west wall.

by Pratishtha Sharma

Paintings for North wall

Paintings related to water, such as a waterfall or a river can boost your career by bounds and leaps.

by Pratishtha Sharma

Also, paintings showing a journey with a deep path or road is a good choice for the north wall.

Paintings for South Wall

The paintings that show the “Rising Sun” is an excellent option for the South wall.

As per Vastu, the painting showing the “Setting Sun” is not considered good.

Vastu paintings based on the rooms.

Living Room

brown wooden framed painting of horses

A running horse is a symbol of loyalty, achievement, victory, power and freedom.

You can hang a large painting depicting the horses running in one direction in your study room and living room.

This painting should have an odd number of horses. And, there shouldn’t be any symbol of light like the sun in the painting as the Vastu energy of the painting may get diminished.


mountains near body of water painting

Serene water and mountain paintings help maintain the calm and peaceful energy flow in the house.

These water-based paintings can be put up in the study, kitchen, or living room.


white and brown bed sheet

Paintings that show the saintly symbols, are to be kept in the bedroom and study room can be fruitful.

Select paintings that give you a comfortable and refreshing feeling.

“Radha- Krishna” painting is the best suited for the bedroom as it signifies a couple in love.

Study room / Workplace

The painting of Goddess Saraswati needs to be kept in the study room and workplace.

As she is the goddess of knowledge and art, her painting kept in the place of learning will keep the energy in check with no interruptions.

Pooja Room

Gautama Buddha poster

We have all seen the paintings of Buddha in almost all the houses.

The five fingers of Buddha symbolize the five elements of Nature.

The Buddha painting is to place your Pooja room, dining room, and study room.

Buddha painting will give you calmness, knowledge, and enlightenment.

3. Meditation Tool

by Pratishtha Sharma

Meditation is being in a state of relaxation of mind and body.

On a typical day, your mind chatter is constant. It feeds you with worries, thoughts and programmed information.

Looking at “Meditation Paintings” helps you to pause and calm down your thoughts and the mind.

Focussing on a meditative painting will help you change your thinking. You will see all the chaos around you from another viewpoint.

blue and green round plate beside black and white tube bottle

“Mandalas” and “Yantras” are ancient meditative visual tools used to develop focus and concentration.

4. Beautifully Painted Jewellery boxes

by Pratishtha Sharma

I like wearing rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces.

But at the end of the long day, I take off all my jewellery and keep them on the dressing table.

The small pieces of jewellery sometimes fall behind my dresser or roll-off somewhere in the dresser.

Because of this, I have lost and even forgotten about most of my jewellery.

by Pratishtha Sharma

To overcome this problem, I have recently started using jewellery boxes.

I found this beautiful and colourful jewellery box with many compartments to segregate my ornaments.

This beautifully painted jewellery box even acts as cute decor for my dressing table.

You can use this beautifully painted box as a jewellery box, or a box for keys or you can use it as a showpiece.

5. Paintings as Gift Items

by Pratishtha Sharma

India is the “land of festivals”.

During festival seasons or celebration functions like birthday parties, marriages, house warming ceremonies, the question arises –

What gift should I buy?

It is very tiresome to find a perfect gift for a friend and/or a relative.

“Paintings” are the best gifts.

“Paintings” are attractive, colourful and easy to maintain and at the same time expresses our wishes in the best possible way.

A beautiful wall painting or a colourfully painted box can be gifted for any occasion.

by Pratishtha Sharma

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