Matheran – Can Make You Fall In Love With Nature!


It was a long time since my husband and I went on a trip.

My brother-in-law and his wife, my husband and me planned for a weekend gateway to Matheran.

We planned for a 2-day trip, on 28th August and 29th August. (2021)

Day 1

We booked a cab ( 7.30 A.M ) from our place (Pune) to Dasturi, Matheran.

All 4 of us took our seats and were ready to explore – Matheran.

My sister-in-law had got me a beautiful reddish – pink hibiscus flower.

Hibiscus Flower

When we reached the highway, we waited at a small restaurant named “Shantabai Dhaba”, to have some tea and snacks and enjoy the beautiful climate.

Shantabai Dhaba

Shantabai Dhaba

After a little relaxation, we continued with our cab journey to Dasturi.

Any type of car (hired or your own private car) needs to be parked at Dasturi. Motor vehicles are banned in Matheran, to keep the environment clean.

From Dasturi, we hired a mini van and reached the “Toy train Station”/ Aman Lodge railway station”.

On the way towards “Aman Lodge Railway station” we waited for refreshments at

“Mountain Spice Restaurant”.

Mountain Spice Restaurant

We ordered “poha” and chai for everyone and I ordered “Lime soda”.

 I prefer drinking a soda drink during my trips.

Aman Lodge railway station is located on the Neral–Matheran railway.

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Aman Lodge

Toy Train Ticket Booking

Toy Train – Aman Lodge Railway Station

Toy Train

The “Toy Train ” takes you through the lanes with beautiful hills and valleys.

You can even spot a few waterfalls!

The “Toy Train ride” from Aman Lodge Station to Matheran was a half an hour journey.

It was aaa….amazing !

We reached Matheran around 12.30 P.M.

As this place is covered with dense green trees it got the name ” Matheran”, which means “forest on the forehead” or “forest on the top”.

Matheran has lush greenery hills, waterfalls and a lake full of water. It is an eco-sensitive region and is Asia’s only automobile free hill station.

Matheran is known for its “reddish-brown rocky muddy roads” made out of “red laterite” earth.

Reddish Muddy roads and dense green forest

We had booked “The Royal Hotel”, which is just a 10-minute walk from the Matheran Railway Station.

We had booked 2 rooms here. The hotel is not good. The service was very bad and the rooms were also not clean. As we had done online booking and paid the money, we had to check in.

We freshened up and got ready. It was almost 1.30 in the afternoon. And we were very hungry.

We went out for lunch at “Rangoli Restaurant” exactly opposite the Matheran Railway Station.

Rangoli Restaurant Entrance

We had “Gujarati Thali”!

The food was delicious.

As we 4 were very hungry , we enjoyed our food quietly – relishing each bite.

After a nice meal, we decide to take a walk to “Charlotte lake” because buses and cars are strictly not allowed, in Matheran. So, the tourists decide to trek or walk or take a horse ride.

“Charlotte Lake” is the main source of water for the Matheran people.

Charlotte Lake

The lake is a perfect place to spend some quiet and serene time.

This lake is located amidst the dense forests.

Charlotte Lake

There is a “dam” at the start point and the “Pisarnath temple” at the other end of the lake.

You can see “Echo Point” and “Louisa Point”, the famous tourist points of Matheran, from this tourist spot.

After observing the calm “Charlotte Lake”, we went to “Pisarnath Mahadev Temple”.

Pisarnath Mahadev Temple – Entrance

Pisarnath Mahadev Temple

The deity’s name is “Pisarnath”.

The Shiva lingam is – Swayambhu (self-created).

The uniqueness about this lingam is that it appears in an extraordinary titled ‘L’ shape and is covered with sindoor. (red vermilion).

As we walked out of the temple we saw a board – “Lords Point – Just 1 Minute Away”.

Lords Point

Lords Point” is beautiful !

You can see the hills around covered with dense green trees. The view says it all !

Lords Point

After spending nice and peaceful time at “Lords Point” , all 4 of us planned to walk down to ” Echo Point ” from ” Charlotte Lake”.

We started walking towards ” Echo Point”.

We were walking through the forest, on red muddy lane with trees on either sides.

Matheran Lanes

I was very tired with all the walking and decided to get back to the hotel.

I was so tired that I decided to take a horse ride back to the hotel.

Many horse riders were coming back from the “Echo point”.

My husband and I took a horse – ride back to the hotel.

I had never sat on a horse before .

It was my first experience !

The man guiding the horse , helped me sit on the saddle.

When the horse started walking , I felt as if I would fall from the horse.

I screamed out loud ! ☺️

The man adviced me to look in the front and not down at the horse. His advice helped.

After a while , I started enjoying the horse ride .

It was a thrilling experience. Horse ride is the best way to travel in matheran.

Horse ride

Whereas, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law continued with their journey to the “Echo Point”. They really have good stamina!

Once we reached the hotel, we freshened up took a nap as we were very tired.

When my relatives came back from their journey, we all planned to go for dinner together.

 While walking back to our rooms after our dinner, we decided on our next day’s (Sunday’s) plan.

As soon as I hit the bed, I fell asleep like a baby.

A walk through the Woods

Day 2

My husband and I woke up early.

It was around 6 A.M. We got ready and headed to the market to have our “morning chai”/tea.

Matheran Market

We went back to our hotel and got in touch with our relatives.

We all went together to have our “complimentary breakfast”.

It was a “Buffet Breakfast” – idli- sambhar – chutney, poha, butter sandwiches, tea and coffee.

It was a nice delicious breakfast.

We then packed our bags and checked out from the restaurant at around 10 A.M.

We reached the main Matheran Market in 5 minutes.

We booked horses to go to the main Matheran points.

Horses – Matheran Market

First, we went to “Edward Point”. It is a beautiful location.

Edward Point

The sight from this point is really magnificent. It has a picturesque view.

From this point, you can see the Charlotte lake and waterfalls, and a large valley surrounded by three hills.

The view is mesmerizing !

There was a small shop which offered beverages and hot snacks. We had tea and Masala Maggi.

With an amazing view and with hot tea and Maggi it was like icing on the cake!

Edward Point

Along the edges of the Edward Point is the “Echo Point.”

View From Echo Point

The most magnificent peak to visit in Matheran is the “Echo Point”.

From this point, you can see the lush green hills covered with light-weighted clouds.

At Echo Point

At this point, you can speak and hear your sound back like an “echo”.  With the reverberations and echoes, this is how the point gets its name – The Echo Point.

Just next to the “Echo Point” is “Loiusa Point”.

Louisa Point

“Louisa Point” too offers a mesmerizing view.

This point offers panoramic views of mountains, valleys, peaks and waterfalls.

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Louisa Point

Louisa Point is known as a photographer’s paradise!

From “Louisa Point ” we went to “Malang Point”.

As per our horse ride trip, “Malang Point” was our last point.

When we reached Malang point, it started raining.

It was raining cats and dogs!

Malang Point

“Malang Point” offers a stunning view of the scenic mountain ranges with several enchanting waterfalls arising from them, amidst the dense green forests.

Malang Point

After, Malang point we reached back to the main Matheran Market.

We had our lunch in “Gokul Restaurant”, situated in the main Matheran market.

Then we took the “Toy Train” to go back to Aman Lodge railway station.

Matheran Station

From Aman Lodge railway station we took a cab to reach Karjat railway station. It was a half an hour drive, with beautiful scenery of the grass-covered mountains.

We had train tickets from “Karjat Railways Station” to “Pune Railway Station.”

We reached Karjat around 5 P.M and our train was at 6.30 P.M.

Karjat Railway Station

As Karjat is famous for its “Wada – Pavs”, we decided to satisfy our taste buds.

The “Wada – Pavs” were super-hot served with red garlic chutney and green chillies.

Wada Pav at Karjat

To pass our time, we went through our Matheran pictures and shared our experiences.

We boarded our train and reached Pune by 8.30 P.M.

My first experience – “Horse – ride” is going to be my most favourite memorable moment of the Matheran trip.

“Matheran” is the best choice for a person

who loves getting lost in nature.

“Matheran” is also the best choice for those

who want to take a break from their busy city life.

“Matheran” is “Mesmerizing”.


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