5 monsoon season snacks we all love and crave for!

Wet cup in rainy evening

After the hot summers, the monsoon season gives us the much needed – RAINS!

The rains make the ambience calm and soothing.

With the rains come the cravings!

We love to pamper ourselves with some – Masala Chai and Crispy Hot Snacks.!

When it rains, sitting near the window,

watching the raindrops falling from the sky,

with your favourite music playing in the background,

and a cup of steaming –hot masala chai

made up of cardamom and ginger

and monsoon snacks

……is bliss.

Here is the list of – 5 monsoon season snacks we all love and crave for!

  1. Wada Pav

The Mumbai snack – Wada Pav, is now available in every metro city. 

The pav (bread) is sprinkled with dry garlic chutney (red colour). The pav is then stuffed with the spicy potato wada.

It tastes even better when served with green chilli.

Spicy wada-pav with masala chai and the rains …. Isn’t it a perfect combination? 

2. Bhajis/ Pakodas

Depending on your mood and choice of pakodas, there is a wide range of pakodas to choose from!

Onion pakodas, potato pakodas, cauliflower pakodas and paneer pakodas are hot and crispy and go well with a cup of masala chai.

It is tastier when eaten with mint sauce and tamarind chutney.

Homemade or purchasing it from the shop, pakodas are the best choice for the rainy season.

With the rains in the backdrop, mouth-watering pakodas and a cup of masala chai is a mind-boggling combination.

3. Samosas

Fried golden samosas on white tissues in wicker basket on board surrounded by lemon and salad dressing in deep dishes and beverages in glass

You can choose from the variety of samosas and kachoris available.

Potato stuffed samosas, dry fruit samosas, chilly-paneer samosas, keema samosa and many other choices of samosas are available in the market. 

Samosas with tamarind chutney and coriander – mint chutney tastes yummy.

The raindrops, samosas and a cup of masala chai is a wonderful combination.

4. Kachoris

Just like samosas, there are a variety of kachoris to choose from!

Pyaaz (Onion) kachori, paneer kachori, dry fruit kachori, matar (green peas) kachori and many other choices of kachoris are available in the market.

Kachoris with tamarind chutney and coriander – mint chutney tastes delicious.

Rains, samosas and kachoris, with a cup of masala chai, is the drool-worthy combination. 

5. Bhutta – Corn

Selective Focus Photography of Grilled Corns

The aroma of the stove-hot bhutta (corn) will surely make you hungry.

Bhutta is nutritious and can be quickly prepared at home too.

The stove-hot bhutta (corn) when garnished with lemon juice, salt, chilli powder and with a generous slathering of butter is very tasty and juicy.

Hot and spicy bhutta with the raindrops is an overwhelming combination.

Free stock photo of breakfast, caffeine, chai

Happiness is ……

watching the rains and enjoying spicy street – food with a cup of masala chai.

 Do let me know your favourite monsoon snacks in the comments section


  1. Garam garam Daal wada (parippu wada)with black coffee (kattan kaapi) and I don’t need rains to enjoy this…Ya it would be more enjoyable if some one makes it for me

    But yes pakoras and wadapaav from tapri with Chai and my friends or loved ones is wow

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