5 facts About Reading – Grab Your Book!

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“It is from books that wise men derive consolation in the troubles of life.”- Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo is one of the best and famous French writers.

Reading is one of the best hobbies one can cultivate.

Being an English teacher I am exposed to a lot of English literature – novels, poems and short stories.

I love reading mythological books. It gives me a view of the old world.

 “Merchant of Venice” by William Shakespeare is one of my favourite novels.

Reading increases my imagination power and boosts my creativity in writing blogs.

Here are the 5 facts about “ Reading ” that will motivate you to read more books.

1.Increases Knowledge

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Reading gives you new information – knowledge. 

Knowledge is Power. 

Knowledge makes us liberated and enlightened. 

The more knowledge you have, the more abilities you have to handle any encounter you ever face in your life.

You never know when this knowledge may help you in future.

In the corporate world, the person who has more knowledge about diverse topics mostly gets promoted faster than those who do not know about global events, literature and scientific breakthroughs.

In life, we can lose everything but you can never lose one thing – Knowledge. Knowledge can never be taken from you.

The beauty of Knowledge is that – the more you share you gain.

2. Improves your Vocabulary 

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Reading makes us come in contact with new words. 

The more you read the more words you learn. 

These words will automatically make their way into your everyday vocabulary.

Having good communication skills and being articulate are the requirements in any profession.

Reading books also exposes us to different and famous sayings, phrases, proverbs or beliefs of different languages and countries. Like: –

Hakuna-Matata – It is a Swahili language phrase. It is from East Africa. It means “take it easy" /"no trouble".

Bon Appétit – It is a French-language salutation. It means “Enjoy your meal.”

3. Enhances Imagination 

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 Reading makes you peep into a different world. 

Reading plays an important role in enhancing imaginative thinking. 

The characters built in a story, makes the reader know the character’s personality. It makes the reader develop a picture of the character, to imagine the character, in the mind. This enhances your imagination skills and boosts your creative skills.

Novels depict the scenarios by narrating the scenes and emotions, which explores the reader’s imagination and creativity.  

Imagination exposes us to new ideas. Imagination makes you understand new ideas, think about new ideas and innovate and discover new things and possibilities. 

Words are like paintbrushes, enhancing the shades of imagination.

4. Develops Writing Skills.

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Reading enhances your vocabulary and creative skills.

To become a good writer, you need – new ideas, new topics, good vocabulary and creativity. All these needs can be acquired by “Reading”.

When we read a book, think:

Why you liked or disliked the book?

How was the character development done? 

How did the writer introduce and ellaborate the topic ?

Reading different styles and genres of books can help you know more about the different writing skills.

5. Helps You Sleep Better

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Our lifestyles have made us stay up late at nights, which affects our sleep cycles.

Nowadays everything is available on mobile. The constant surfing and staring at the mobile screens at sleep time, is also making our sleep cycles suffer. 

Reading a good book before sleeping can help you relax. A relaxed mind will help you sleep better.

Getting a relaxed night’s sleep is essential for the mind and body. A good sleep makes you feel happy and energized the next day.

You can cultivate this habit by keeping a good book to read near your bed.!

Marcus Tullius Cicero was a Roman writer, lawyer and speaker.

He said “A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

Create your own mini-library at home and explore the world through reading.

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