My Magical Mystical Marble

During my Manali trip, I visited Rohtang pass. 

Rohtang pass is filled with snow-capped mountains and a small cold river Beas flowing under the Rohtang bridge.

Veda Vyasa is said to have given rise to the river Beas, from the lake, the Vyas Kund (lake). 

It is believed that Rishi Vyas took his daily bath in this lake. 

Krishna Dvaipayana is a sage. He is also known as Veda Vyasa. Vyasa means a ‘Compiler’ and Veda means “the one who categorized the Vedas”, in Sanskrit.

Veda Vyasa is the dictator of the Mahabharata , one of the two most important epics of India. (other being the Ramayana)

Vega Vyasa characterizes knowledge and wisdom. 

He was born at the end of Treta Yug. He witnessed the complete Dwapar Yug.

The Hindu scriptures talk about the 7 Chiranjeevis – or immortals. 

Veda Vyasa is one of the 7 Chiranjivis (immortals).

It is said that – these seven immortals would be alive on Earth till the present Kali Yug gets over. 

All Chiranjeevis (immortals ) are alive, to assist the tenth incarnation of Lord Vishnu – Kalki . They aim to put an end to lawbreakers and re-establish dharma (righteousness) on Earth. 

So with this background of the spiritual and magical stories of the Beas river let’s get back to my Rohtang pass trip.

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I stepped into the cold waters of the Beas river and searched for a small stone/ pebble as a remembrance.

I picked up my magic marble and found it to be heavy, so I kept it back into the river. And started searching again. I didn’t like any other stone so picked up the same one again even if it was heavy.

It is white with layers of grey and black and gives out a silvery shine when twisted.

I liked it and brought it back home. I kept it in my room as a showpiece but always felt like I have some connection with this stone.

Days passed and I had forgotten about the stone, it was just lying in the corner, on my showpiece table. 

I got married a year later. It was the lockdown phase due to covid. So it was a small wedding with only 8 people. 

During the marriage ceremony, while taking the pheras, we needed a stone. We didn’t have any stone, and as it was a complete lockdown we couldn’t go out of the house to get a stone.

My mother brought my Beas river stone and gave it to the pundit (priest). He smeared the stone with Haldi (turmeric) and Kumkum (vermicelli) and placed it on the ground.

It could have been any stone, but this marble stone used during my marriage showed its significance. It had to be a part of my marriage, that too in the main rituals.

For some, it could just be a coincidence, but for me, I feel it was destined. It could have been any stone, but it was the stone from the spiritual Beas river. 

And as the quote says, “Everything happens for a reason.”

Isn’t it magical that a stone which was lying in the Beas river, is used for my marriage in Pune? (Pune to Beas river distance is 1850 kms.)

These magical moments make me wonder about my connection with this marble.

In Hindus, the ashes of the body are immersed in holy rivers.

My husband proposed that maybe the ashes of our bodies of our previous lives, combined and merged together and gave rise to the stone. (sedimentary rocks are formed by the accumulation dead of animals and plants )

My father in law is a spiritual practitioner and a meditator.

I told him this story and he told me that it is a “Shivlinga”, and I should worship it. So, I kept it in my home temple. 

It is God or just a stone is up to once faith. 

We go to temples and worship idols, it up to us to have faith and believe it is God or just a stone carving.

Life is all about faith. And I believe that it is my faith that I got this beautiful magical marble. 

Life is full of mysteries and magic. Let me know your magical story in the comments section.


  1. I have always believed that it’s our faith that make things magical. But I agree the connect which happens in the process…

  2. Faith makes mountains move. Lord Hanuman is proof of that. He had full faith in Lord Rama. A beautiful connect to your lovely story… In the process, I visualised myself too dipping in the Beas river, searching for a magical crystal… You brought life to this beautiful journey to Manali… Hope to go there some time…

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