6 simple ideas to celebrate a lockdown birthday

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My birthday was on 12 th May. It was my first birthday after being married. As the “lockdown’’ is still on, I was finding out ways to celebrate my birthday to make it memorable.

I came up with these 6 simple ideas to celebrate my “lockdown birthday”. These ideas are simple and easy and not heavy on the pocket.

Here is what I did on my birthday: –

  1. Decorate the house 

I decided to decorate the house to get the feel of a celebration.

We started decorating the room a day prior, as my husband had arranged a birthday cake for the 12 AM celebration. (which was a surprise)

My husband put up “Happy birthday’ ’balloons on the wall. We added fairy lights on the balloons to add spark.

We blew a few balloons to scatter it on the ground.

We decorated the centre table with a few flowers and heart-shaped balloons.

2. Count your Blessings

Top view of metal fork and knife in paper cover decorated with Give Thanks With A Grateful Heart inscription placed on wooden table

After getting ready in the morning I counted my blessings.

I was grateful for my birthday, grateful for all my family members who are well and happy and grateful for all things I have.

I prayed in my home temple and meditated for some time.

Being grateful makes you feel happy.

Then i had a nice plate of poha ( breakfast ) made by my husband.

3. Get a new Plant 

Photo Of Red Hibiscus Flower

I always love adding plants to my terrace garden. 

So I gifted myself a beautiful hibiscus plant. 

I started my birthday morning with gardening. I planted the hibiscus plant in a nice pot and added some mud, water and fertilizer to it.

Plants are the best gift as they are eco–friendly and the need of the hour to save our environment.

4. Bake a cake/ Food preparation 

 Chocolate Cupcakes In Close-up View

I baked a small chocolate cupcakes, with the help of a few cake videos available online. It was special to bake my own birthday cake.

As I love mangoes, we prepared “aamras” – mango pulp , puris, rice and dal.

 I prepared a few cheese potato pops for snacks and bought soft drinks and a few dry snacks (chips, nachos, biscuits).

5. Dress up

As I was at home I didn’t want to wear a new dress. 

But my husband insisted that I dress up and put on makeup and new jewellery.

When I did so I really felt good and special, even if we were at home.

Small things matter!

6. Arrange Games and Music

Dices and Wooden Pieces on Game Board

We didn’t want to watch a movie, so we had arranged for some board games to play in the evening.

We played some cards and board games like chess and “snakes and ladders”. 

We had some snacks and cake along with the games for refreshment.

We even had a “balloon bursting competition” – bursting the balloon by sitting on sit.

We even put up the music and danced to my favourite songs and even lit up some candles for a party effect.

Person Holding an Iphone

These 6 simple ideas made my birthday special and amazing.

Hope these ideas may help you create your special moments.

Do suggest your ideas in the comments section, to enhance and create more special moments.


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