5 reasons to start gardening on your terrace

Photo of Person Sitting Near Potted Plants

Our bodies are aligned with nature. 

What do you feel when you’re in a natural habitat?

When we go to a garden or a place surrounded by nature, we feel relaxed, fresh, calm and stress-free.

Plants are the source of our survival as it gives us fresh air and food. 

In these stressful covid times, people are struggling to get fresh air and oxygen – plants can bring joy and calmness in our lives.

  1. Great hobby  
Crop woman taking care of plant

As we all are locked up in our homes and searching for new hobbies, gardening is a great hobby to develop.

It is not expensive nor difficult.

It is not very time consuming

You just need some mud, water and seeds (which is available in the kitchen.)

Digging mud and sowing seeds is a good exercise for your fingers and hands too.

2. Be in touch with nature


A beautiful green terrace with plants is always soothing to look at. 

Hands covered with mud and manure, makes me feel close to nature. 

The smell of wet mud is so relaxing and calming.

The stillness of the plants is very meditative to watch and gives a peaceful feeling.

Watching the leaves and the flowers grow, has developed my patience levels. 

All things take time and eventually bloom into beautiful flowers.

I mostly have my cup of tea, in my terrace, amongst my plants.

3.  Ambience

Green Leaf Plant Lot

The lush green leaves rustling on the terrace adds to the ambience of the house. 

Planting in different types of pot shapes and arranging the plants well, gives a classy look and a peaceful environment.

Planting flowering plants enhance the beauty of the terrace. 

I have a hibiscus plant (red colour flower), Krishna- kamal (purple colour flower) and a jasmine plant (white colour flower).

4. Fresh and healthy food

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Planting medicinal plants like aloe vera and tulsi add greenery and are also good for health.

Seeds of tomatoes, chillies and capsicum are readily available in the kitchen and grow easily on the terrace.

The stem of a carrot and herbs like coriander, mint leaves and curry leaves (kadipatta) can be grown very easily.

Plucking fresh and healthy veggies

 from the terrace garden gives a good feel.

5. Enhances the heart chakra 

Close-up of Tree Against Sky

Our spinal cord is associated with 7 chakras. Which can be seen and developed with meditation and yogas.

The “heart chakra” also known as “Anahita chakra”, is situated on the chest, near the heart.

The heart chakra is green in colour and is related to our 12 emotions and moods. (hope, worry, effort, possessiveness, pride, conscience, imperfections, egoism, lustfulness, deceitfulness, defiance, contrition)

Being in touch with plants, it relates to the greenery which affects our “heart chakra”.

Be in nature and enhance your “heart chakra” to bloom like a flower with lots of love.

I hope these 5 reasons will motivate you to start up a small terrace garden and fill your house with fresh air and calming ambience.


  1. Super…gardening really keeps us calm and happy… A real pleasure to be with plants… Happy gardening… 🌿The green color actually soothes our heart…associated with love and harmony…Probably, why nature decided to remain predominantly green🌳🍏🌿…

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